Herbpon is Rapidly Emerging

Based in California, This Rising Platform is Offering Everything From Deals to Events Information & Much More

San Diego, CA, USA – July 18, 2018 – Herbpon has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of offers, deals and information regarding the marijuana industry. The online platform is emerging as a one stop shop for all cannabis deals, coupons, current events, and everything pertaining to the marijuana industry and it is creating a major buzz. Moreover, the platform is introducing a wide range of marijuana deals, steals and discounts and its number of subscribers is increasing every day. Furthermore, cannabis enthusiasts along with the cannabis community have warmly welcomed the company and its services for the community.

“Herbpon is an e-Commerce-based discount marketplace for the global Cannabinoid Industry and we keep our website updated 24/7 for all the latest offers.” Said Travis Stocking, while introducing the emerging e-commerce platform. “We are based in California and our company operates a digital commerce-based marketplace directly promoting discounted goods and services centered around the medical and recreational cannabinoid market.” He added. According to Travis, the company is also welcoming new vendors, distributors and dealers to join its growing platform and expand their business in this booming industry of the future.

In addition, the platform has directly partnered up with dispensaries, retail stores, recreational cannabis shops, and other related companies operating in the market. Moreover, it also enables individual consumers to search, find deals and purchase items through its website, while also giving them appropriate information to find a store nearby. These products include both medicinal as well as recreational marijuana that are perfectly legal and increasingly popular. User reviews, testimonials and feedback regarding the company has been overwhelming and it is getting a nationwide recognition besides its overwhelming presence in San Diego.

For more information, please visit the website at: www.herbpon.com