By Medicinal Mike Boris

IG: @medicinal_mike


This week you will feel like there are a million joints being handed to you at the same time. Only one has any quality, though, so you must choose wisely. Life’s best gifts are always earned.


I know you think that you can grow the best pot in the world. I know because you tell everyone. Never mind that you have never grown a plant; the one that lives in your head is beautiful and should be shared with the world


Be excited this week! All that patience is about to pay off. You sowed the seed, watered the pot, and now it is time to harvest. Your achievements make others model your excellence.


You say Indica they say Sativa! This week is going to be some clashing for you but stick to your guns. You know what you’re talking about this week.


You have your hand out this week expecting something for free. Well, bad news. Anything in life worth having is worth working for, so get off your butt and put some time in.


They are all going to laugh at you, and thank goodness. What kind of a funny man would you be if they didn’t? So take another toke, your jokes are gold this week.


You got a little too high this week, and things are feeling hazy. The good news is plans are made to be broken, and you will do just fine so go with the flow.


You spend a lot of time feeling ignored, but this week they are finally listening. A smoke circle is a powerful place so choose your words wisely.


You have managed to compile mass amounts of cannabis knowledge but know you can’t think of what to do with it. Worse yet, nobody seems to have any helpful advice.


You are forgetting to exhale this week. You can’t just keep that perfect dab moment held in forever. Life is about change. Embrace the new and let it out.


You just finished a delicious brownie; the world keeps handing you another, and another, and you aren’t resisting. Set a pace and you will find much more enjoyment in every little morsel.


Your canna family is there for you this week. When you feel overwhelmed then just reach out, and they will be there with a joint and a smile. Compassion is in the air.