By: Medicinal Michael Boris



You have spent the week smoking the finest buds and spoiling everyone around you. You’ve finally smoked yourself out… Well almost. You still want to spoil that one special someone and guess what they want to spoil you too.


You can’t possibly finish the whole brownie by yourself, but luckily you won’t have to. An old smoking buddy is rolling in to save the day. They don’t smell good and borrow money, but the sentiment is there.


Half the people are yelling, “Hurry up and hit it!” And the other half yell, “Pass it!” A sticky situation indeed and All I can tell you is- better make up your mind fast! The joint is almost burned out!


You have grown the best buds, and everything makes you happy! The best part is your happy is spreading like a contact high, and everyone is feeling the buzz.


You can’t help but help your buddy learn to take the best dabs. Now nobody is choking over the hot hits, and you’re learning something too. This is a great week to lend a hand.


You just found out that you’re overpaying for your meds or your just feeling ready for a new dispensary. Either way, you are feeling great and ready to make a change! Take a friend with you!


Is everybody around you high? The answer is YES! Since they’re already smiling, you might as well take advantage and throw a party. There all in your house anyway so turn up the music and dance!


You’ve been staring at that garden for a week now. It’s just there, ugh. Might as well tear it down and start over. You won’t feel right until you do.


You are feeling trapped in your own little greenhouse. Your buds are being nurtured, but you’re dreaming of the outside that you’re not allowed to go to. Don’t worry it’s worth it.


Seems like everyone is offering you a taste of every strain God has to offer in cannabis. The only thing missing is someone to smoke it with. Get out there and start to wander you may bump into someone special.


Seems like someone has a secret. This is the week to exhale all those invisible truths. Just make sure you warn people in private before you destroy their buzz.


You have discovered the magic ingredient to medicated brownies, and everyone wants it. You have to protect that because they want it to hurt your efforts. Keep your mouth shut!