How to become more present in your body.


High there!

I’m Carli Jo and I’m taking over the sex & cannabis discussion here on Candid Chronicle. I will be posting yummy tips, tricks & personal anecdotes of my journey to orgasmic bliss. Let’s start at the beginning…

Going through my Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program I found myself hitting a wall. A giant wall that stood in between me and peace. You see I was unable to feel present in my body which felt very disconnected and frustrating. I was in the middle of sexual exploration and found my mind anywhere and everywhere EXCEPT on the task at hand. It made having an orgasm feel about as attainable as buying a house in Los Angeles…

Luckily I had a lot of guidance to help me navigate what was blocking me from experiencing pleasure. Through coaching I worked on healing my self doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and the stories playing on repeat in my head. You know that old wives tale, “I’m just not one of the lucky ones who can experience pleasure/orgasm during sex.” Which by the way is bullsh*t.  Every woman has the capability of experiencing pleasure AND orgasms!

So 2017 became the year of presence. My intention going into every meditation, pleasure practice, yoga class and sexual exploration was: “my intention is to be present in my body.” It took a whole year but with the help of my friend Mary (cannabis) I was finally able to break through the wall and see what had been there all along, Me.

Are you ready to experience more presence, serenity and peace?
Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Set the intention.
Step 2: Let go of all expectations of how and when.
Step 3: Give yourself lots of permission and acceptance to feel your feelings.
Step 4: Download my Sensual Cannabis Meditation here.

With Pleasure,
Carli Jo

IG: @cannabissensualitycoach