How to light your own fire!

WITH YOUR PUSSY POWER, there I said it!

Over the weekend I went camping and since my fiancè and I aren’t regular campers we missed a few crucial items including a long lighter to ignite the fire. Being the stoner I am, I had regular lighters but It was so windy that the little lighters were just not cutting it. We tried until our thumbs were raw. We nearly gave up but then I did what every women should learn how to do..

I started the fire with my pussy power!! Yes, you heard that correctly. I simply made the intention, breathed it into every cell, felt the energy rising then visualized deep red, orange & purple fire coming straight out of my sacral chakra and into the fire pit. I kid you not, that started a tiny flame that we hovered over and kept safe from the wind.

Every woman deserves to connect to her sexual power. And I’m not talking about what men have been portraying on television for years. I am talking about our innate sexual power. The power that creates life force. Women are the source of power, creation and pleasure! 

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See below for my drawing of the epic experience.