Jetty Extracts Unveils New Solventless Vape Carts

A California cannabis company has a new solventless offering for the THC vaping connoisseur.

Jetty Extracts today announced the launch of its new 1-gram solventless vape cartridge, which the company says has the cleanest and highest potency on the market.

Since its inception in San Diego in 2013, Jetty has gained a reputation for the quality of its cannabis oils, which it has put into vape carts, pre-rolls, and even medicated sushi.

The new cartridge will be available at approximately 100 dispensaries this month and 50 additional locations in October.

Jetty says its proprietary solventless extraction method can remove impurities from cannabis oils without sacrificing flavor.

According to Jetty, the process also increases potency, making for the cleanest and highest potency vape carts at around 84 percent.

“The cannabis vape market is approaching a major evolution with a focus on quality cartridges like Jetty’s Solventless Vape line,” says Jetty Co-Founder Nate Ferguson. “As a long-time innovator in cannabis concentrates, Jetty is well-poised to lead this exciting transition within the solventless vape category.”

Jetty says that, even though solventless products have struggled to gain traction, they are experiencing an upward trend among knowledgeable consumers and connoisseurs.

According to Jetty, the struggle is a result of high prices and a lack of product consistency.

Jetty says its affordable, consistent, and highly-potent upcoming products are a welcome change in the cannabis industry.

In 2020, Jetty launched its first .5-gram solventless vape cartridge, which won the Best Vape award in the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal and placed second in the High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal and the Emerald Cup.

The debut of Jetty’s new 1-gram solventless vape cartridges will include Tropicana Cookies, Papaya, Garlic Cookies, Banana Creme, and THC Bomb strains.

Jetty’s new 1-gram vape cartridges will be available for between $55 and $60, launching alongside a new line of solventless cold water hash-infused pre-rolls and live rosin concentrates.