Kaya Fest Pre-Party!

By Jessica Skinner

IG: @kushy_kitty

If the pre-party is any indication, then Kaya Fest is going to be lit! Walking into the Garden Amphitheatre in Garden Grove, CA, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew music and unity would be on the agenda, so I said, “Sign me up!”
After attending the Kaya Fest pre-party, I understand why that venue was chosen; from the moment I arrived, I was enthralled in the magic that is The Garden Amp. This place is amazing! Tucked into a park, in the middle of the city, it has a very cozy feeling of being “hidden.” Walking through the gates, I encountered nothing but smiling, friendly faces. I felt as if I was entering a secret world, and I was ready and willing. I had no idea what I was about to experience.
It was early yet, so I did my “Kushy Kitty” thing and found a nice little bench, in a nice little spot, and proceeded to smoke my nice, fat blunt!
Cannabis truly is a bonding agent for like-minded souls.
Next thing I know we are having a congregation worthy of Church. All of us had brought our best, and were gathered together, sharing meds and love. I was able to chat with everyone involved, from lighting to the management teat to the band “roadies” to the artists themselves.
I was sure the day couldn’t possibly get any better, I was already in a celestial headspace… then there was a doggo!
It was like heaven for me. The artists Special Blend definitely were one of the highlights of the day. All of the Special Blend members were extremely welcoming, including the pup! Such a sweet fur baby, even chilling on stage during the performances. This group oozed electricity, everyone was having a great time with each other.
….and that is the sweet spot.
Then I find out they run a Chow rescue, my heart was so happy. How much better can this get?
Looking up into the bright sky, I could see the moon already peeking out; perfection had fully encapsulated me at this point. I looked again to see a bright source of light standing right in front of me, and knew I need to speak to her. The only topic I could grasp at was, ”Do you see how beautiful the sky is?” This marvelous creature looks at me and said, ”Yes child.” Enchanted, I ask her if she would like to smoke with me, and this is how I became friends with Mama Marley, Michael’s mother. Michael is a brilliant spirit in his own right, playing guitar for Daniel Bambaata Marley’s band, which is doused in flavor.
I have to be honest and say, I heard something completely different then I expected from the 3rd generation down from Mr. Bob Marley himself.
I was pleasantly surprised by the rock heavy melodies, pouring from the stage. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should.
I am so looking forward to seeing them again at the Kaya Fest April 28th, along with the rest of the family. I have never felt so welcomed, everyone and everything here was fabulous. I met Jesus that day as well. Christians and Rasta’s should gather more often, because I witnessed a lot of magic on March 24, 2018.

The lineup for The Kaya Fest itself is a work of art. All The Marley Family musicians and their bands will be blessing us with performances, along with The Queens themselves- Ms. Erykah Badu and Ms. Lauryn Hill! So many others as well. I have to say I am truly excited to be attending the festival, for the music, herb, good food, most of all the energy and love.
Let me put it this way, it was so chill and lit at the same time. I called my personal grower to come keep the party going. ‘Cause we all know if nothing else… Kushy Kitty is always in the house with some fire!
San Diego and SoCal will be a strong presence, having two local radio stations RasMike of Nug Radio, and Scott Brown and Mitch Santell of the #1 Reggae Station Big Reggae Mix (partnered with non-other than Mr. Errol Brown) in the house. Along with local press including myself and Candid Chronicle. Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude for the warm reception and excellent work! We see you and love your shine!
Won’t you join us in the celebration of Love and Unity?


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Photos by @sparked_interest_photography