Kushy Punch Releases Sugar-Free THC Gummies

When it comes to the edible market, the cannabis industry has produced an incredibly wide variety of CBD and THC-infused infused products.

But a market that is dominated by sweetened products such as candies, cookies, and cereal bars can sometimes leave consumers with voluntary or medically-dictated dietary restrictions a lack of sugar-free edible options.

Renowned gummy maker, Kushy Punch has been aware of the quantities of sugar in edibles and has been working on another option.

After a long development period, Kushy Punch has announced the release of a new 100mg, sugar-free, lychee-flavored version of their flagship strawberry-flavored sativa gummy.

Company founder and CEO, Ruben Cross says that they wanted to take their time developing the product to make sure that the recipe was up to company standards.

Cross founded Kushy Punch in 2014 after seeing an abundance of high-calorie edible products for sale with high sugar content and inconsistent THC levels. He wanted to create a product that was potent, consistent, easy to eat, and healthy.

Kushy Punch chief scientist, Carolina Vasquez Mitchell says that they tried about twenty different recipes and a variety of ingredients before they found the one that they felt was right for the new sugarless gummies.

“In terms of taste alone, this is my favorite Kushy Punch product, hands down,” said Mitchell. “Finding the right consistency is the hardest part. It’s not as simple as swapping our regular syrup for a substitute like stevia.”

Cross says that their unwillingness to compromise on the product is why it took so long for it to be released.

The new 100mg lychee-flavored gummies are now available for purchase at dispensaries across California.