Laughter Is The Best With Medicine

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

Together with the event’s host, Medicinal Mike, Las Vegas promoter, Jack Slammy kicked off the latest in a series of comedy and cannabis entertainment shows on July 7 called the Comedy Sesh. Medi Mike and Slammy have worked together before on local wrestling shows and the ongoing LAFFter Hours comedy series but thanks to the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of  Nevada, the creation of a show designed to bring two things that make people laugh, jokes and getting high, was only bound to happen.

The third installment of the location-shifting comedy series began as the sun set on a Friday where temperatures in the area reached 115 degrees and only showed signs of cooling slightly as the night wore on. Attendees of the show might have been spared some of the heat that evening had the event been inside the comfortable confines of an air-conditioned club, but that was not where the Comedy Sesh took place this time. The show took place in the backyard of a private, residence-based venue, complete with horses, bar, outdoor lounges, curtained stage, and a swimming pool.

DJ Outlandish One entertained the crowd from the stage as the intimate crowd shuffled in through the early evening, ordered up drinks from the backyard bar, and socialized. Wing King Infuzed and other vendors were on hand for the event, serving up cannabis syrups, Patience CBD drinks, and other edible products.

Some people cooled off in the pool while others settled in at the tables with their drinks, dabs, joints, and other cannabis products. Host Medi Mike started the evening off with a series of interactive segments including cannabis trivia and the 420 Dating Game where contestants competed for free cannabis and the hearts of fellow marijuana enthusiasts.

When Medi Mike finished up with the audience participation games and after the joints distributed to the crowd, the first comedian of the night, John Gilligan took to the stage. Gilligan explained that the clipboard of jokes that he brought with him, which was a running joke throughout his set, was due to a real-life heart attack that he suffered after taking the drug Chantix to stop smoking. The cardiac arrest that he suffered resulted in brain damage and Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms. Gilligan keeps the clipboard with him onstage to help guide him through his set and integrates it into his brand of humor. After a golfing joke had fallen flat with the crowd, John crossed it off his list, laughing “…no don’t use that one, that’s ****ing stupid!”

David Burger, Bruce Jingles, Boss, Alex Anza, and the soft-spoken Tronald Trump each took their turns at the microphone before the evening’s headliner, Brandt Tobler came to the stage to deliver his set. The Vegas club favorite gained notoriety in the scene years ago after hosting a series of comedy shows in his own backyard that featured well-known comedians in the industry. At one point during Brandt’s routine, much to the comic’s surprised and baffled amusement, the venue’s owner came up to announce that he had $2 cheeseburgers for anyone who was hungry after the show. After getting the microphone back, Tobler scratched his head and laughed “Well, in that case, I’ll probably wrap it up. I would rather have a two dollar cheeseburger than listen to me.”

After the evening’s roster of comics concluded their performances, and as the Comedy Sesh began to wind down, the owner came back up to the stage to announce that the cheeseburgers would be free to anyone who wanted them. Munchies are an inevitability after a night of cannabis consumption, and the hungry patrons were only happy to accept the host’s generous offer of free burgers as well as the pizza that Jack Slammy bought for everyone earlier.

Comedy and cannabis are great on their own, but they’re fantastic as a combination. And thanks to the collective voices of the Nevada residents, both can be enjoyed together by responsible adults. With three Comedy Seshes having taken place this year already, we can likely expect to see the next one happen sometime soon.