LeafedIn Settles Trademark Dispute With LinkedIn

A trademark dispute between online professional network LinkedIn and cannabis networking platform LeafedIn has been resolved.

There have been many cannabis companies over the years that have toed the copyright infringement line with their logos, brand artwork, and business names, choosing to come close enough to stealing intellectual property that cease-and-desist orders and other legal battles sometimes follow.

For LeafedIn, the legal battle came in the form of a trademark dispute from LinkedIn over the glaring similarities between the two company names.

As part of a settlement with LinkedIn, LeafedIn this week announced a complete company rebranding to LeafedOut.

“LeafedOut’s commitment to its audience and core product at all costs, even to the point of prioritizing its a (sic) brand perception within both the industry and it’s (sic) community over monetization opportunities, along with its disruptive and innovative technological product offerings has already created years of positive engagement and financial results,” said Leafed Out founder John Khainson in a press release. “We are thrilled to be able to continue offering the LeafedOut community more value without sacrificing our values and dedication to the community that we serve as both a company and tool for marijuana activism.”

LeafedOut is looking to put the trademark settlement in the past as the company strives to move forward in 2020 with an aggressive and ambitious plan to continue growing its user base and revenue exponentially while maintaining a focus on social responsibility, cannabis activism, veteran rights, and patient rights.