Mississippians Form Cannabis Trade Association

Just over a month after Mississippi voters approved a ballot initiative to allow medical cannabis in the state, a trade association for the industry has already formed.

A group of seven Mississippians today announced in a press release the formation of the Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association (MSCTA), an innovative trade association focused on “creating, supporting, and guiding” the state’s new medical cannabis industry.

Mississippi’s medical cannabis program is supposed to begin sometime in August 2021.

“Over 73% of voters in the state decided that a Medical Marijuana program would be beneficial,” says MSCTA President Nate McHardy.” We are happy that the state will adhere to the will of the people, and implement a program that will help revolutionize the health of our citizens and economy here.”

The MSCTA says it will dedicate its efforts to working and communicating with the state legislature, regulatory agencies, and local governments to help support a productive and friendly environment in which the medical cannabis industry can thrive.

The MSCTA will also promote, publish, and disseminate industry news, educational resources, and significant scientific and business developments for the benefit of the community, Cannabis industry and MSCTA members.

“We are excited to work with MSCTA,” says Mockingbird Cannabis LLC CEO Clint Patterson. “Because of their commitment to advocacy and education on the new cannabis industry in Mississippi.”

The MSCTA will also work to facilitate collaborative efforts between community members and cannabis and non-cannabis businesses to develop new industry relationships, create opportunities for economic progression, and facilitate a cooperative work environment within the Cannabis industry for the benefit of Mississippi.