Lemon Grove community voices concerns

Lemon Grove Mayor, City Manager, and two Councilmen are asked to step down by a community member.

Concerned Lemon Grove community members addressed city officials with their opinions on the assault claim filed against councilman David Arambula, during the Public Comment of the March 20th, 2018 Lemon Grove City Council Meeting,

John L. Wood twice stated that he was “really unhappy,” about the assault claim. Wood posed, “why would anyone think it would be a good idea to have a meeting with a person that wanted to start a very controversial business, outside of a public forum?” Continuing to also ask, “Why hasn’t an investigation started yet?”

Teresa Rosiak-Proffitt, spoke on Lemon Grove’s recent legal issues that have caused her to lose faith in city officials.

“I have been a resident of Lemon Grove for over 50 years and I am concerned about the welfare of our city and it’s residents. The definition of accountable means being required or expected to justify actions and decisions; being responsible.” – Teresa Rosiak-Proffit

She continued “Now we have another possible litigation of Willams vs Arambula and the City of Lemon Grove, and Mayor Vasquez was in attendance at this gathering. I urge our city attorney to investigate thoroughly and to leave no stone unturned so that we truly know what took place at this gathering in July of 2017. I know that some want this incident swept under the carpet but an investigation and results of that investigation are what the citizens of Lemon Grove demand.”

Rosiak-Proffitt requested multiple city officials to resign from their posts. She stated, “I now ask City Council Official Jerry Jones, City Councilman David Arambula, Mayor Vasquez, and City Manager Lydia Romero to resign, as my confidence in each of you as our city leaders and staff have been compromised, and I am concerned that you cannot fully do your job, to the best of your abilities, for the residents of Lemon Grove. Thank you.”

Rosiak-Proffitt also referenced the Marcus Bush civil rights lawsuit involving Jerry Jones and Lydia Romero, stating “approximately $15,000 was paid by the city’s insurance policy” as a result of the lawsuit. Unfortunately for Lemon Grove taxpayers, the city council and staff’s attempts to squelch free speech may not have ended with the Marcus Bush civil rights suit. Read more about first amendment infringement in Lemon Grove. 


Former LG Councilmember, Mary England, wrote an editorial for East County Magazine on the matter, “It seems that change on the City Council will be the only way to stop these lawsuits.”


By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

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