LPP Partners With TILT For Restorative Cannabis Justice

An Arizona cannabis business solution company has joined with a nationwide nonprofit organization to correct past injustices committed under prohibition.

On Tuesday, Phoenix-based TILT Holdings Inc. (TILT) and Last Prisoner Project (LPP) announced a new partnership that focuses on helping bring freedom to people disproportionately affected by cannabis criminalization.

Together, TILT says they will build strategic initiatives across its Commonwealth Alternative Care, Standard Farms, and Jupiter Research subsidiaries and the communities they serve.

TILT CEO Gary Santo believes all legal cannabis operators are obligated to rectify problems created by prejudicial laws.

“Cannabis has been largely decriminalized for several years now, and we need to do our part to help bring freedom to those disproportionately impacted over the past 40 years,” says Santo. “The Last Prisoner Project works diligently to address the systemic issues behind cannabis inequality, and TILT shares a similar vision of rightful freedom and equity for all those that have been unjustly impacted by cannabis laws.”

TILT says LPP’s network of cannabis industry leaders and policy and education experts are dedicated to fostering restorative justice for anyone wrongfully imprisoned for cannabis.

According to LPP, tens of thousands of people remain incarcerated for cannabis.

LPP works to obtain releases for cannabis prisoners, expunge cannabis-related criminal records, and educate the public on the harms of the drug war.

LPP Managing Director Mary Bailey says their partners in the cannabis industry have made their work possible.

“Companies like TILT are an integral part of the community of leaders, experts, and advopcates that we have cultivated to assist those impacted by cannabis prohibition,” says Bailey. “We are incredibly excited to begin our partnership with TILT, a brand with a proven track record of dedication to equity in cannabis.”