Man Kicked Out Of Knesset After Drinking Cannabis Oil

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

An unnamed man was ejected from an Israeli parliament committee meeting Monday when he consumed cannabis oil in front of everyone to illustrate a point about the safety of medicinal marijuana.

The Knesset Health Committee was debating a new medical cannabis policy which will allegedly increase costs for patients and do away with the labeling of medical cannabis strains by name.

But the meeting came to an abrupt end when a man who was said to be in his twenties was speaking passionately to lawmakers about the safety of marijuana-based medicine and produced a small bottle of cannabis oil from his pocket.

“I have cannabis oil that contains thirty-percent THC,” said the man. “You say it’s a dangerous drug. What will happen to me if I consume it?”

“You can’t overdose on medical cannabis oil,” he said as he opened the bottle and poured its entire contents into his mouth.

The man explained that he had PTSD resulting from his military service and that if lawmakers did not fully legalize cannabis, they were all murderers.

As security personnel tried to take the man by the arms to remove him from the room, he jerked away from them and drank a second bottle of cannabis oil. He jumped over the desk in front of him before officers managed to grab hold of him and escort him away.

The committee adjourned the meeting following the incident.