Marijuana Policy Project Releases Report Addressing Vaping Regulations

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) announced on Wednesday the release of a new report entitled Regulating Cannabis Oil Vaporizers which examines the recent rash of vaping-related illness and death and gives recommendations to policymakers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) there have been more than 800 confirmed or likely cases of lung injury associated with vaping in 46 states.

The new report delves into current state-level regulations on vaping products and provides short and long-term recommendations that lawmakers can implement to further protect those who choose to vape.

In response to the issue, vaping products have been banned in places such as Michigan and Massachusetts, and Los Angeles has implemented a ban on e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, which goes into effect in about a month.

The MPP report states that banning vaporizer products is a bad idea as they account for a 23.8 percent share of adult-use cannabis sales and their use by medical cannabis patients is often greater.

According to the report, banning cannabis oil-based vaping products would fail to address the underlying problem of harmful additives and drive more consumers to the underground market where sales are unregulated and products have proven to be potentially harmful.

“The recent issues associated with vaping cannabis oil raise serious concern for consumers and emphasize why it is increasingly important to legalize and regulate cannabis,” said MPP executive director Steve Hawkins in a statement. “Unregulated markets are producing unregulated products, which are proving to be detrimental to public health. Consumers who choose to responsibly consume cannabis deserve to know that the products that they are using are tested and safe. This is only possible through legal and regulated markets.”

MPP director of government relations Chris Lindsey says that there is a framework for controlling cannabis products in many parts of the United States and that the recent tragic illnesses are a chance for cannabis programs to increase their effectiveness.

Among MPP’s recommendations in the new report are the creation of a broad rule-making authority, prohibition of hazardous ingredients, stringent product testing requirements, and the establishment of manufacturing and labeling standards to maintain and ensure product quality.