Massachusetts Plans To Finalize Regulations For Deliveries and Cafes By Summer

The first adult-use cannabis shops in Massachusetts opened their doors to customers in November 2018; two years after the state voted to legalize marijuana.

But in addition to legalized recreational sales, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is also looking to develop the regulatory and licensing framework for home delivery and social consumption sites in the coming months.

In February 2018, Governor Charlie Baker chose to postpone the development of the two systems until after the rest of the adult-use cannabis industry was functional. After the first outlets began doing business in November, more recreational marijuana shops have opened since.

One of the CCC’s five commissioners stated at a meeting in October 2018 that it would likely be years before businesses with onsite consumption would open, but it appears that it may happen much sooner.

A panel made recommendations to the CCC on Wednesday, urging the Commission to move forward with home deliveries and social consumption businesses.

But while a future Massachusetts with cannabis cafes looks to soon be a reality, consumption might be limited to vaping and edibles.

The CCC plans to have draft regulations ready for public comment by April and have final versions in the hands of the Secretary of State by June.