Medical Cannabis Bill Introduced Into Wyoming Legislature

Lawmakers in Wyoming have introduced bipartisan legislation to legalize medicinal cannabis and establish a licensing and regulatory system.

The bill, HB278, is sponsored by Representatives Eric Barlow [R], Carl Loucks [R], Patrick Sweeny [R], Dan Zwonitzer [R], as well as Senators Fred Baldwin [R], Cale Case [R], Chris Rothfuss [D], and Michael Von Flatern [R].

Also known as the Medical Cannabis Act, the bill would permit the Wyoming Department of Health to issue medical marijuana cards to any resident over the age of eighteen who has obtained a recommendation from a practitioner and paid the required fee.

For underage cannabis patients, a card may be issued to a parent, guardian, or legal representative who is at least eighteen years old and has a recommendation to use cannabis issued by a practitioner on behalf of the child, ward, or principal.

HB278 does not contain a list of required conditions.

Patients will be required to submit an application to the Department of Health containing the patient’s name, address, photo identification, and other information deemed necessary by the Department.

Under HB278, all cards issued by the Department will be valid for one year before they will need to be renewed.

Should the bill be signed into law, it would require the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture to draft the appropriate regulations by June 30, 2019.