Melania Trump snubbing the White House??

By: Katie Burke

As of Sunday the 20th of November, Melania Trump had announced she would be residing in Trump Towers, on 5th Avenue in New York City until Barron Trump, the ten-year-old son of Donald and Melania, finishes school.  As a mother, many of us share the same first reaction of her being a responsible mother.  Her son should come first in her life as many mothers would attest to.  Most responsible parents do put their children’s needs first and want only the best for their growth and well-being.  However, should this be different for the future first lady?  Being the first lady and having an opportunity to live on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is nothing short of an honor.  After having to listen and read about Donald Trump’s views on “true Americans,” it’s a slap in the face of his wife, who came to the country as an immigrant from Slovenia, and worked illegally for a minimum of 10 jobs, as reported by the  Associated Press. This is the same woman who has decided to, some Americans believe, snub her nose at the honor of living in the White House. I can’t say I disagree with the majority of Americans who are unhappy and unsupportive with her reluctance to live in the White House.  Donald Trump led his campaign with hate, discrimination, and racism while he had married a woman who worked illegally here in the United States.  With that said, I believe everyone who makes it here deserves the right to work and provide for their family.  I do not agree with Donald Trump and his campaign of deporting illegal immigrants, even if it is in his eyes, “humanly.” Many Americans share the same view of people having the right to work here. We realize there needs to be laws and measures in place so we can responsibly help people immigrate to the United States. Without wanting to sound like a child, the phrase “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house” perfectly describes Donald Trump’s family.  

Another huge problem Americans are having is the cost to the extra security the country will have to pay for her and her son to live in Trump Towers.  It has been reported by CNN the City of New York will be responsible for paying $1 million dollars per day for security measures. One. Million. Dollars. Per. Day.  The City of New York will then ask the Federal Government to reimburse the cost, which as we all know, will be paid for by us, the citizens of the United States.

After reading many articles on the subject, seeing it trending on Twitter and Facebook, I feel like the most honest way to sum up Americans views are the comments that received the most likes, shares, and retweets.  They are as follows:


Let me ask this question were the children of former presidents not as unique or as important as her son? Answer yes they were she just doesn’t want to move there and please be honest for once and admit that. If this were anyone else, the entire country would be up in arms that the new president’s family won’t be moving into the White House and rightfully so. They think they’re above it. Every other child that moved in transfer to a Washington school why is he any better?

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Let Donald pay for the additional security that is going to be required for her to live away from the Whitehouse!! Can you imagine the uproar if Michele Obama had requested to do the same.

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Nunya Biz

Wow, so the people’s house is NOT good enough for Melania? You are married to the future POTUS and you have an obligation to be by his side in the White House.

If the White House was good enough for Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and Betty Ford, then it should be good enough for an immigrant who has been elevated to the status of First Lady of the USA!

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