710 Bus to 420 All Month Long!

Faster than ever, cannabis culture is coming to our community. You may have heard of the 420 Farmers Cup and the Cannabis Row at Earth Day with 60,000 guests expected. The 2022 Cherry Blossom Festival at Japanese Friendship Garden was an example of a recent event that had Balboa Park in absolute gridlock but also heavy traffic of ear-to-ear smiles! People are getting out and enjoying the beautiful San Diego parks, arts, and culture once again, and this is awesome! I am sure we can expect about the same for Earth Day 4/24; however, people are encouraged to bike, skate or walk. And there’s no better reason to jump a bus than to say you are doing it to be environmentally conscious on your way to the largest Earth Fair where there may not be parking any way. 

San Diego Wake Up!  

The community of San Diego has a beautiful environment and Balboa Park is probably one of the most scenic parks in San Diego County. The culture of Balboa Park is a loaded treasure chest of arts, cultures, entertainment, hikes, sights, and even the world famous San Diego Zoo. “Lions, Tigers & Bears! Oh my!” While spring is here, make sure to elevate yourself with culture and beautiful scenes and get engaged in the community. If you are getting out more and enjoying your life, you may have missed the Farmers Cup judge opportunity that was splashed all over in the last article. The public judge competition is just that:  if you are over 21, you can be a Farmers Cup judge! Eventhi-IO is handling all our tickets for the Farmers Cup Judge experience.

“We keep the cannabis community engaged and educated while having a unique people’s choice experience with California’s best cannabis products,” says Joshua Caruso, Farmers Cup Founder. “We aim to preserve California Cannabis Culture through cannabis events. Cannabis is more than a business, and we continue to educate its history and values for the community. For San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market, we hope to keep planning cutting-edge cannabis events.” 

Whale Breaching the Surface for Air

As we get back to normal, community events, culture, and finding time to breathe, are all important! I just typed up all that hype work in about 2 minutes. 

“So much to unpack,” is usually what others say when I tell them that the, “San Diego Cannabis Community is making moves!” 

I get it. I am more excited than you are! I, Russell, have been preaching that cannabis would one day come and change our communities away from a toxic desperate state socially. The elephant in the room has always been green. 

Whether cash, grass, or how we gonna make it happen?– The cannabis industry supporting the “community” has been limited to the “cannabis community.” However, during the pandemic, cannabis shifted gears! More and more we are discussing the possibilities of healing communities that have been compromised by the drug war, positive economics from cannabis, jobs, careers and educational programs from state university programs, and general community facing events from the cannabis niche. The local San Diego County saw the cannabis industry conduct community clean-ups, create job opportunities, business expos, industry events, add economic revenues, and bring new legal industry to San Diego similar to the Craft Brewing industry in the early days. All through the pandemic cannabis shops stayed open, deemed essential, while teen usage went down! 

The Elephant has an Address, we know it… Right?

I think we are moving more and more away from some very toxic human issues. I believe the judgment of our neighbors is at an all time low, at least in some cases. Cannabis smoke is one example. Before the pandemic, we were just “stoners” to most people! Post-pandemic, a more level-headed approach to cannabis seems to have clicked socially as cannabis is shifting into a healthy lifestyle choice or to be considered part of a healthy life! We’ve all heard it can prevent that one health issue… but also the fact that healthy products exist that aren’t smoked! Did you see the Farmers Cup Edibles Edition? Read More, especially if you are sexy and buy cannabis flowers for your partner instead of Hallmark! 

Wait, I got a Distracted look! 

Weedwoodz 24:20 in a jar is a victory lap for the brand winning Farmers Cup in 2021 Harvest Cup's infused pre-roll category.

Weedwoodz 24:20 is a 10 gram stalk of beautifully cured but untrimmed cannabis flower, please notice the “2021 Farmers Cup Winner” on the top!

Earth Smokes A Lot & VIP Judges for 420 Farmers Cup

Last article about San Diego cannabis events we mentioned Mother Earth will be a VIP Judge for Farmers Cup, but not just that! Recently announced, Earth Smokes a Lot will also be joining us as VIP Judge for 420 Farmers Cup! We have a great lineup of VIP Judges for Farmers Cup, including:

Alexia Bullard is a SoCal cannabis content marketing expert who has a passion for home grown and cannabis culture. She recently hosted a huge home grow meetup via Grow Cast in Vista of San Diego County where 250 home growers visited to exchange seeds, meet and consume! This local cannabis enthusiast also wrote a bit about Farmers Cup, which you can read here on her blog. This is just part one as we are told to expect a review of the Farmers Cup Judge Experience from Alexia soon after the cup. 

Jackie Bryant, a SoCal journalist who knows more about cannabis than the average cannabis scientist, joins Farmers Cup back again as a VIP judge from a previous Harvest Cup. Jackie is a San Diego-based freelance journalist. These days, her focus is almost entirely on cannabis. She also covers other lifestyle and culture topics, particularly travel. Jackie writes a cannabis culture newsletter and produces a podcast, Cannabitch. She is also a regular contributor of cannabis stories to MJBizDaily, Uproxx and Forbes.com. Previously, she was a restaurant reporter for Eater San Diego, a cannabis columnist for San Diego CityBeat, film festival reviewer for The San Diego Union-Tribune, lifestyle editor at JustLuxe, and editor of Luxury Living International. We are stoked to read her works as always, but we hope she will be covering our San Diego Cannabis Cultural events this 420! You can keep up with Jackie here.

Princesa Pilar  or Queen P, is an socal entrepreneur and fashion designer behind brands like Princess P, Bikini line and TrendyGal brand. Asides, she has made jewelry for the likes of celebrities such as Katy Perry and Floyd Mayweather. Recently, we have been seeing more of Pilar in the cannabis industry and wanted to welcome her to join our VIP Judge roster for Farmers Cup! Queen Pee has earned over 1,100,000 followers on Instagram, we hope she will help put the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market on the map as she will be reviewing Farmers Cup entries.

Big Casino is the host of the Podcasts, “Weed Between The Wines” and “Quick Sesh with Big Casino.” With years of experience in the Wine and Spirits Industry, Big Casino pairs his favorite wines together with all things cannabis, heavily considering terpene profiles in the process. In episodes of Quick Sesh, BC sits down with guests from all walks of life for long format interviews where he picks the brains of Weed and Wine insiders and gets a peek behind the scenes while partaking in the best offerings of both industries. 

Christine Smith, radio host from Cannabis Talk 101 will be the first past Playboy model on the roster as a judge for the Farmers Cup. After learning Christine’s passion for Cannabis activism, her professionalism as a media host and back story of cannabis healing with having brain surgery, this VIP Judge packs a punch! We cannot wait to hear what she has to say about her Farmers Cup experience and what brands are BEST in Southern California! Christine will also be presenting Farmers Cup awards on stage at Cannabis Row. Christine will also be joining the bus tour in San Diego!

Speaking of Big Fish! 

Or was it elephants? Anyways, Cannabis Talk 101 will be rolling into SoCal literally with the CalyFX Double Decker bus in full effect! They are planning to make a big deal out of the San Diego County market for CalyFX brand and Cannabis Talk 101. Christine Smith will be on the road with the crew and are also carrying on the Farmers Cup vibes as they make multiple stops and are celebrating cannabis locally with us for Earth Fair 2022 serving as the Green Room for VIPs. They are seeking local San Diego dispensaries that want to make a big deal out of 420; a few dispensaries already signed up to have a bus visit: 

Farmers Cup Judge Kit Pick Up days 

  • 4/8/22 at HiKei Dispensary (Bus 12pm-3pm)
  • 4/9/22 at Originals Dispensary (No Bus this day, bus will be at Kush Stock)
  • 4/10/22 at Golden State Greens (Bus from 12pm-4pm)

Additional Dispensaries with Planned CalyFX Bus Stops:

  • 4/8/22 at SDRC Cannabis 21 From Approximately 3pm till departure! (Bus Confirmed)

Jaxx 420 (Main Farmers Cup & Cannabis Row sponsors) (there will be a bus this day too!)

  • 4/20/22 at Jaxx Ramona for their First Prop 64 legal 4/20 celebration 

Cannabis Row 

Cannabis Industry is Coming to Town

The awards for the Farmers Cup licensed competition will be presented on stage at Cannabis Row of Earth Day. That means the growers behind brands like local grown flower like HiKei Exotics, Cream of the Crop Gardens, Humboldt grown Prime Exotics, and native grown Palomar Craft Cannabis will be eagerly waiting to find what fire the public liked the best. The team from Errl Hill of Northern California, Blessed Extracts, Deep Sea Moon Rocks, local rosin maker Paradox, and local Hashish brand all seek trophies in the concentrate category. Edible brands returning from victories in the last Farmer’s Cup Valentines Edition are coming back for victory laps in a round 2 as Premier Edibles, Lift Seltzer, and Habit Crafted  defend their winning titles. Newcomers Chalice Brands and CalyFX join the Farmers Cup for the first time. The pre-roll competition will be bringing the Weedwoodz team to town, and Hammer Heads Pre-Roll is also joining the competition standing up to the long list of new pre-roll competitors such as Terp Stix from Four Front brands. Pod Tones joins the Farmers Cup again as a vape contestant alongside brands like Eureka Vapes, and Rove brands. Farmers Cup will be bringing Cannabis brands to San Diego’s Balboa Park to celebrate hard work and victories in the hearts of the people!

San Diego County Cannabis Industry

These brands coming to town in San Diego is important economically and serendipitously as San Diego County is making moves to support cannabis. The County will soon permit an additional 80 licenses in the county for cannabis retail, manufacturing, cultivation and events. Getting your brand involved in the Farmers Cup competitions, the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market, or the Cannabis Row as an exhibitor would be a wise decision as the locals are eager to connect. Not only locals, but San Diego is known for tourism, and many may come to town from out of state and experience cannabis for their first time. Brands looking to expand their footprint should seek to use the San Diego market as an opportune market to begin growing patrons throughout the state as we grow into national legalization and beyond. 

Read Part 2 of #710mphto420

**Updated 4/15 to note that Bus will be at Jaxx in Ramona on 4/20 for their first Prop 64 and also add link for the Part 2 of 710mph to 420**