710mph to 420 and Beyond (Part 2)

Farmers Cup Judge Kit Pick Up Complete!

Contestant & judge sign-up for this Farmer’s Cup 4/20 has already passed, but already the Farmers Cup team is working on the next cannabis cup competition, the 710 Concentrates-Only Farmer’s Cup! Last year in 2021 over 35 brands were involved in the creation of the competition, some of them submitting many products across 6 categories. The 710 culture was something that we spent extra time on in 2021. We dropped an article on How to Dab, we began the 710mph to 420 campaign, 710 Culture Explained, we did a 710 beach cleanup event at Seedless in Ocean Beach, and created a national listing of 710 day of events celebrating Oil Day. As we push into 2022, the 710mphto420 bus tour began just last week, and this is week two! 

Plenty More to Come for 7/10/2022!

The judge kits are long gone! If you missed out on the Farmers Cup Judge experience, you’ll need to wait till the 710 cup. The 710 Farmers Cup is a concentrates-only competition, like the Harvest Cup is an all flower cup. This current 420 Farmers Cup is a variety cup, so a true pleasure for every cannabis-related product type to be celebrated. The Farmers Cup judging experience works to allow the public…yes, every day local consumersto experience the life of a cannabis VIP as a judge of many products that enter the competition. 

Judges get to select the category they want to judge, pick up their kits from local San Diego dispensaries, and hurry home at 710 mph to sample them. Then comes the hard part! Judging the Farmers Cup competition is usually a period of 10-12 days of reviewing products in the safety of judge’s homes without urgency or a pushy budtender aiming for only loud in their tip jar volume. We hear you and echo the people’s choice votes to amplify them to influence the cannabis industry, because your votes lead to trophies!  

If you read the 710 bus trip to 420, you probably understood that the 420 Farmers Cup is going to keep going as the Farmers Cup 420 competition event does not end until 4/24 at Earth Day’s Cannabis Row. Yes, that is right! The awards for Farmers Cup will be on stage at an event within a larger event with upwards of 60,000 people in attendance. While the Cannabis Row section is 21 and up, the Earth Fair spreading across acres of Balboa Park is free, family friendly and open to the public! This event focuses on education, culture and community as we bring people together to value one another’s eco-minded efforts as an individual or business.  

Bus Stops this Week

At Cookies Mission Valley on 4/16, there will be an event featuring San Diego hip-hop artist Michael Gabriel along with the famous DJ Quik, and Dezzy Hollow. Cookies was a recent Farmers Cup pick-up location for the Valentines edition of the Farmers Cup, which you can read more about here. Also, Jaxx in Ramona is planning to have a bus onsite at their first 4/20 event! Jaxx San Diego is the main sponsor of the Cannabis Row and the Farmers Cup! The Ramona based dispensary will be celebrating their first Proposition 64 4/20 on the date. They will be celebrating all day starting off at 8am with coffee served from Cattle Dog Coffee Co., 2 tacos on Jaxx from 12-4pm, hotdogs and Italian ice from 4-8pm. Toot Toot! Check out Jaxx in Ramona for their first Proposition 64 4/20 celebration! 

Special Guests at Cannabis Row 4/24

San Diego’s own Rosin Evolution, a local business, will be presenting the Rosin awards on Farmers Cup Awards on stage! These guys are a big deal, and they are making things happen in San Diego. They are also one of the best manufacturers for rosin and hash-making accessories. Rosin Evolution has been supporting San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market and Farmers Cup since the very beginning, so if you wanna feel good about buying equipment, support Rosin Evolution!  

We can’t do a huge cannabis event without including San Diego’s own legendary brand @seedlessclothing if you know Seedless has been serving up green culture for decades in Ocean Beach San Diego! This event they will be moving on over to the Heart of San Diego’s Parks at the world-famous Balboa Park! We last mentioned Seedless as a supporter for our 7/10 beach cleanup during the pandemic. 

I have always hoped for normality and we are beginning to see it in mainstream culture where less and less people are offended by healthy use of cannabis as well as legal reform. Who do we have to thank for this change? Activists like @natlnorml, @canorml, local San Diego’s Norml chapter and others will be joining too! NORML has influenced and supported legal aspects of cannabis culture! This group joining will really help us pump educational content into the Heart of San Diego’s Parks at the world-famous Balboa Park! 

The Queen Mary brand and other quality cannabis products will be joining cannabis row. In attendance will be Tiana, the Founder/CEO of the wellness brand Queen Mary, maker of delicious vegan, fast-acting nano, full-spectrum rosin edibles with no artificial colorings or added sugars. These edibles are infused with natural supplements to provide a more focused and functional high. The company’s purpose is to provide a natural alternative to addictive prescriptions. Having witnessed overdose and addiction to pharmaceuticals, the Queen Mary brand was designed to give women the much-needed boost or rest they need to get through the day without the use of an addictive prescription. Quality is their motto and they stand behind it. Tiana’s brand is considered an equity brand and has recently joined the Farmers Cup as such in the edibles category. The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market and sponsoring partners make it so brands like Tiana’s, can enter the contest and have their registration fees covered! 

Local San Diego HiKei has already hosted the Farmers Cup day one of the pick-up days for 420 cup, but also they will be hosting a dispensary village at Cannabis Row, and are also a competitor for the flower contest with their San Diego grown HiKei Exhotics flower brand. This company has the best vibes, When you enter their shop, it is welcoming, the nose is right, and they have a beautiful grow room right on-site! Do you want to see a local grow operation? You can at HiKei! Their small artisan batch grow is available in store at affordable prices, but act quickly and grab what you can while you can because they run out fast and they are often one-off craft grows. Also, a home for happy good vibes employees, the family of HiKei is not only warm to guests, they are good to each other too! Quite by chance, I also spoke to employees and even three past employees who spoke highly of their team and work experience at the shop. When the owner Aaron had heard about Earth Fair, he immediately said they would be joining us! One more shout out to Nikki the manager who also does ASL services consistently every week to help those who cannot get hearing impaired service at other shops. You can go to HiKei on a Wednesday from 11am-7pm and Nikki will “assist you with your weed needs,” as she states in their promotion. Check out the HiKei village soon to be at Cannabis Row of Earth Fair at Balboa park. 

Another Special Thanks to Weedwoodz! 

Weedwoodz was generous enough to send us a set of special 24:20 Flowers to celebrate their last victory with the Harvest Cup in 2021. A huge sprig of licensed and untrimmed cured cannabis flower can be seen in my last article. Some of the VIPs who joined the 710mph to 420 San Diego bus tour, such as Macy Gray, got to walk away with some Weedwoodz 24:20 flower! The 710mph to 420 tour culminated at the San Diego NFT Convention in the Gaslamp of San Diego, just 100 feet away from Petco park. Another 24:20 flower went to the organizer of SD NFT Convention Brad Bethell, thank you for bringing the tech and innovative NFT community together in the heart of San Diego downtown!

Amazingly enough, the San Diego NFT Convention led me to join an after party yacht cruise on the San Diego harbor where a Weedwoodz was split with 40 Ton’s Co-Founder Anthony Algrete. I am a huge fan of what Corvain Cooper and Anthony & Loriel Algrete are doing with 40 Tons. They are nationally calling for cannabis clemency for prisoners who are stuck behind bars while Bra(n)ds (and Chads) make millions in legal markets in the same United States. Weedwoodz will also be at Cannabis Row on Earth Day 4/24 as an exhibitor!  

Do you press, blast, extract or concentrate? 

I would highly suggest you get your brand involved in the 710 Farmers Cup! This event is quickly becoming the favorite event of connoisseurs and past competitors who find great benefits from winning. Most past competitors like the Farmers Cup team’s hard work to bring on many brands to make the competition worth winning. Brands involved in the cup are stoked with stories of more retailers seeking their products due to past Farmers Cup victories. Having the best in SoCal means something to retailers, brands and fans alike. If you are a professional extractor, jump into the limelight with Farmers Cup 710, please provide us with educational content to broadcast to the market, we need to focus on education in the concentrates area as many are still learning. If this paragraph wasn’t for you, please read the articles listed above. It’s probably best to start with 710mphto420

Farmers Cup Home Grow Contest 

The Farmers Cup homegrown competition is still happening now! Various submissions have come in from local craft growers and the diversity is amazing! Labs will get to analyze the skills of growers to detect various contaminants, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Stay tuned to the Farmers Cup Official Instagram for more information. The awards for 4/20 Farmers Cup Home Grow will be on stage at Cannabis Row’s Earth Day! Also, there is usually a 7/10 home-pressed or extracted contest for 710, so make sure to order up some Rosin Evo equipment and get prepared!

Home Grow Strain Submissions

Strain Names:

  • Super Sherbert
  • Rosa Berry CBD
  • Sun Cakes
  • Plum Berry
  • Runtz
  • Los Altos
  • Sundae Driver
  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • Brr Berry OG
  • CM
  • Pu Tang
  • Waiting Game
  • G Mac
  • All Gas
  • Blue Berry Muffin
  • Ice Cream Sunday
  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • Pineapple
  • Jamaican
  • Orange Z
  • Kush Mintz
  • Sky Walker OG
  • Wedding Cake
  • Tropicana Cherry
  • Donny Lemon 13
  • BusDown
  • Donny Lemon 14
  • Bitties
  • Strawberry Gary
  • Face Off
  • Black Cherry Garlic

Farmers Cup Judge Ballots Due 4/17/22

Judges, please make sure to cast your ballots for the Best California. Your voice is what the team works so hard to create a space for influencing the cannabis industry. Make an effort to put both your positive and negative feedback on the samples of your judge kit. It is not easy to review a product you may not like, but think holistically. The winners will go on doing what they have been doing with a trophy validating that they are going the right direction. A losing brand however, may not know what to do. I remember my first 420 cup judging experience and I put in detailed comments about products, I admitted good attributes when I crossed them in my review process, but also mentioned things for brands that I did not call winners. I found brands that would easily be a daily smoke, however, cost and availability have huge impacts on the purchasing decision at the shops. 

People’s Choice of California’s Cannabis brands

Farmers Cup has a goal to uncover the people’s choice for cannabis, but that does not mean you can always get it! I have some favorite brands that I have not been able to find on the shelves at many shops. For example, past Farmers Cup competitors Pigeon Racer, Prime Exotics, Nude Cannabis, Zeki Farms Genetics, Weedwoodz, Paradox, Cosmic Edibles, and Fruit Slabs are great products, but they are harder to find because of demand or local San Diego stores do not carry them yet. They should, because each of these brands are worthy of being demanded at stores!