Papa & Barkley

By Matthew Lopez

Cannabis infused topical products have become valuable options for patients seeking therapeutic relief from a variety of ailments and afflictions. From minor burns and sprains to major aches and pains, indeed, the cannabis industry has given birth to many great companies providing an extensive variety of effective products to choose from.  

This time around, we had the opportunity of speaking with the people at Papa & Barkley, a California-based company that has been producing cannabis infused topicals since July 2016. What began as an effort to provide basic relief has quickly evolved into a sophisticated line of available products, each one carrying unique properties to enhance therapeutic experience and effectiveness.  

Beginning with their original Releaf™ Balm which is available in either a 3:1 or 1:3 THC: CBD ratio. Each formula is offered in two sizes (15 and 50 mL) and ranges in total cannabinoid content from 135 mg to over 600 mg per jar. If a nice hot soak/bath is in order, one can find relaxation in the form of P&B’s Releaf™ Soak which is made with mineral salts from Israel’s Dead Sea and infused with 200mg of cannabinoids in the familiar 3:1 THC: CBD ratio. P&B’s Releaf™ Body Oil is a great option for massage therapy and also contains a 3:1 THC: CBD ratio totaling over 400mg total cannabinoids per 60ml bottle).

For those seeking a little extra benefit from P&B’s products, two more options are available to work with. P&B’s Transdermal Releaf™ Patch is available in a variety of different ratios (formulations include: 3:1, 1:1, 1:3 and CBD only). All options offer 30mg total cannabinoid content and provide 12 hours of relief by way of a slow release formula. P&B also produces an artisanal tincture mixture for those in need of a consumable product. Available in either 3:1 or 1:30 THC: CBD ratios, both contain over 900mg of cannabinoid content per 30ml bottle.   

We spoke with the people at Papa and Barkley to get a better understanding of their company and products.

What first inspired the creation of P&B products?

“It began with our pain balm which our founder produced as a treatment for his father who’d dealt with painful spinal curvature (scoliosis) up into his 90’s. Conventional methods were not providing enough relief, and this eventually led him to be placed on hospice. Like many who are drawn to the industry, the use of cannabis was an effort to help a dear family member, and with research and experimentation, a useable product was produced and improved upon, eventually leading to his father’s rehabilitation and the eventual creation of the Papa & Barkley brand.”  

What would you say separates P&B products from other common cannabis topical products?

“First, we use a proprietary coconut oil soaking method to extract the full range of cannabinoids from the starting material without the need for additional chemical solvents. Second, P&B products contain an extremely rich concentration of cannabinoids compared to many of our competitors. Since cannabis topicals are applied to the skin and not consumed internally, we feel they require these richer quantities to provide the most effective and satisfactory experience.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

“Our mission is to help unlock the full potential of cannabis to improve people’s lives. We have a serious commitment to excellence, and we’d like to encourage continuing education as the industry evolves. We’d also like to thank all our friends and patients who’ve continued to support us.”

We’d like to thank the people at Papa & Barkley for taking the time to chat with us about their products. For more information, you can check out their website at