San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market Edibles Cup Launches

A cannabis-focused San Diego organization has launched an edible-centric version of its ongoing competition series.

On Saturday, February 12, the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market (SDCFM) kicked off its Valentine’s edition of the Farmers Cup, a competition that seeks out and highlights the best cannabis products in California’s legal industry.

The event took place at the Cookies dispensary in Mission Valley, complete with live entertainment, free food, and bags filled with a variety of edible and drinkable cannabis-infused treats from a myriad of brands.

According to SDCFM, there are 25 contestants in the Edible Cup and around 160 judges.

The categories for the competition include Beverages, Savory, Chocolate, Non-Chocolate, Healthy, and Baked.

The day was also when the winners of the previous competition could come and pick up their trophies.

A New Era For Cannabis Events

The Edible Cup kickoff party comes when events are making their way back into the cannabis community, but this time in compliance with state and local laws.

During the Prop 215 era, when seshes were a common occurrence, SDCFM held events at various locations like The Fire Garden and featured different themes such as skateboarding (Skate & Bake).

Because seshes are not legal under current law, SDCFM has not held any in years, opting instead to host functions like the Cannabis Job Fair until policies are in place that permit consumer-consumption events.

The Edible Cup kickoff party marked progress toward a resurgence of 215-era-style seshes, bringing brands and customers into the same space once again.

Farmers Cup Founder Joshua Caruso says SDCFM connects cannabis consumers with cannabis products and brands, and networks brands to retailers and other industry players.

Caruso says the focus of the cup is rooted in the SDCFM motto, “Cannabis, Community, Culture.”

“We keep the cannabis community engaged and educated while having a unique people’s choice experience with California’s best cannabis products,” says Caruso. “We aim to preserve California Cannabis Culture through cannabis events. Cannabis is more than a business, and we continue to educate its history and values for the community. For SDCFM, we hope to keep planning cutting-edge cannabis events.”

Food, Fun, and Entertainment

As the event kicked off at noon, attendees began to arrive, mingling and sampling the free popcorn, nachos, and Rice Krispies treats from the buffet while performers started taking the stage.

Michael Gabriel was the first to perform with a selection of tracks from his catalog like Mary Jane, Testimony, and PHKM.

Nicky Cue also performed during Gabriel’s set with an impressive breakdancing demonstration.

Next to take the stage were Primo Dirty, MC Inka, Justin Kali, RMthePoet, Nemy, Ric Scales, Ross May, and 808 Sounds.

In what proved to be the most extreme and jaw-dropping performance of the day, Murrugun the Mystic wowed onlookers as he swallowed swords and poked skewers through his forearm, bicep, and chin through the mouth.

In his most dangerous trick of the day, Murrugun swallowed five swords at once.

Murrugun revealed that he had severely injured himself on a previous attempt when he swallowed eight swords at once.

The performer said that, while performing the trick, he let go of the blades a little too early.

The blades fanned out inside of him, causing internal perforations and bleeding, but he survived.

In addition to impressing and shocking live audiences, Murrugun has an on-screen resumé that includes CSI: NY, Cougar Town, Freakshow, and The Gong Show with Dave Attell.

For the duration of the event, Murrugun also demonstrated his fire-breathing and fire-eating skills in the parking lot.

An Unexpected Fire

Murrugun’s fire-extinguishing skills were utilized in the mid-afternoon when an unrelated fire broke out next door by the Mobil gas station on the corner of the Mission Center Road offramp off Friars Road.

Murrugun and another unidentified adult male quickly extinguished the flames with fire extinguishers while the fire department made their way to the scene.

When firefighters arrived, they parked the engine diagonally across the offramp and began putting out the remaining hot spots with a hose from the truck.

It is unclear what caused the fire.

By the end of the event at 4:00 p.m., the judges’ bags were distributed, and the competition had officially begun.

SDCFM encouraged judges to share images and videos of their bags on social media before diving into the cannabis-infused treats inside.

Judges in the competition must turn in their electronic ballots by midnight on Wednesday, February 23.