Mode Unveils Smart Dosing Device

When it comes to cannabis, not all users want or require the same dosage.

Newer users might not want more than a small puff or two off a vape pen, while some medical patients and more-experienced users might need a higher dose.

Smart Dosing

Mode today introduced its flagship product, the first smart cannabis dosing device and companion app, which the company says takes the guesswork out of dosing to help users achieve the ideal experience every time.

On January 11-14, Mode is showcasing the new device at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which usually takes place in Las Vegas but is an all-digital online event this year due to COVID-19.

“We initially set out to solve the dosing dilemma for people requiring cannabis to treat injuries, ailments and other health-related matters,” says Mode co-founder and CEO Izzy Kirsh. “We built dozens of prototypes to deliver vapor doses by the milligram, perfecting consumption levels down to a rudimentary science of what cannabinoids and dosages are required to achieve the right results. What we ultimately created is a first-of-it’s-kind device that offers more control and a better experience for all cannabis users.”

Kirsh first realized the need for personalized, sensible cannabis dosing after suffering a personal injury.

Kirsh partnered with Mark (Akiva) Wagner and Stephen Bates for research and development, collaborated with a world-class design and engineering team, and raised $2.5 million to bring Mode to market.

According to Mode, after so many years of existing solely in the black market, cannabis lacks the guidelines and structure needed to properly meet mainstream consumers’ health and wellness objectives.

Mode says that, with more than 100 cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant, the industry is just beginning to discover the science behind the plant and how specific cannabinoids can provide “targeted and therapeutic results.”

Mode co-founder and Director Stephen Bates says that the company is focused on elevating cannabis from an escape or good time into a powerful tool for health and wellness.

“Whether it’s to relieve pain, spark creativity, or lull you to sleep,” says Bates. “We offer a ‘mode’ for your unique needs and endocannabinoid system.”

Mode is Feature-Packed

Mode’s new device is compatible with all 510 cartridges, which snap into place with the company’s proprietary Quick-Snap Connector rather than screwing in.

With Mode’s touch slider, users can precisely adjust their dose down to the milligram, and the device’s Haptic Guidance feature uses gentle vibration to let users know when to stop inhaling and when to exhale.

The companion app features a control dashboard where users can access dosage plans, product information, feedback, personalized recommendations, and consumption analytics.

The device also has a child-proofing feature where users can lock the device manually or remotely through the app.

The Mode device retails for $100 and is available for pre-order through the company website.

The company says that shipping will commence in the first half of 2021.

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