Museum of Weed Is a Visual Journey through Cannabis History

Weedmaps’ Museum of Weed in Hollywood offers visitors a visual tour of modern cannabis history. General admission is $35, with discounts for students, military and first responders. There’s also a Saturday VIP option that sounds like a party and a museum in one! In case you are considering a visit, I’ve avoided sharing so many of the striking visuals… I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises.

Cannabis use in Chinese art.

The Museum of Weed journey begins pre-prohibition, demonstrating the widespread use of hemp for American goods of all kinds, even confirming it was a recognized medicine in the US. I found some of the Asian depictions and products to be most interesting.

Classic marijuana propaganda.

Weedmaps’ depiction of anti-marijuana propaganda is perhaps the most visually stimulating part of the exhibition, with cartoon slogans, animated lighting and a screening of the most infamous movie demonizing cannabis: Reefer Madness.

Next, the Museum of Weed takes the visitor through marijuana’s comeback, beginning with the hippies in the 60s and groundbreaking marijuana research, and continuing through 90s pop culture.

A segment of the AIDS Memorial Quilt on display in Hollywood.

Weedmaps gives thoughtful attention to the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis on the rebirth of medical marijuana and the heroic role of the LGBTQ and supporting community.

Nixon- and Reagan-era marijuana prohibition featured prominently.

And no cannabis history would be complete without reflecting on the War on Drugs. The Museum of Weed focuses not only on the politics of the era but also on the communities of color that were most severely and unjustly impacted.

Interactive exhibits brought life to our modern understanding of cannabis.

Weedmaps’ final exhibit, the Plant Lab, truly surprised me with interactive ways to experience the language that predominates the modern cannabis industry.

The exceptionably-hospitable staff, from the café to the exhibit monitors, was the icing on the space cake! My only complaint was LA traffic (and that’s hardly Weedmaps’ fault). It took two hours to travel 25 miles, from the museum out of LA. By the time I caught a train home to Orange County, I had spent more than five hours round trip to see a one-hour exhibit. I wish I had booked myself a 420-friendly party bus instead. Then I wouldn’t have cared!