My Press Rosin Press

By Matthew Lopez

IG: @mattrocity818

High-quality cannabis “rosins” are in high demand amongst extract enthusiasts.

For those who are still unfamiliar: rosin extracts are produced when heat and intense pressure are applied to a starting material in order to effectively squeeze out the sticky, potent extract. Rosin extraction also gives users and enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy dabbable products without the need for expensive equipment or flammable solvents. As popularity increased, so too did the expertise when it came to maximizing yields, potencies, and flavors. Originally, hair straighteners were the common tools of choice and even now, experienced rosin producers are able to use these simple tools to create amazing extracts, others, however, have further potentiated their process by implementing mechanical systems such as modified pneumatic and hydraulic presses.

There are many companies and options to choose from with each offering it’s own positives and negatives in regards to effectiveness, cost, safety systems, and overall customer service/experience. For those interested in a rosin press system, do not be afraid to browse, research, and ask questions to your company of choice to come to an educated and satisfactory rosin press investment.   

Up til now, many companies have developed their systems around retrofitted shop or t-shirt presses, modifying them with heat plates and conventional PID controllers. Although effective, these systems can sometimes be unsightly and poorly constructed if produced by an inferior company. This time around, we had the opportunity of speaking with the developers of My Press, a compact rosin press system developed from the ground up in order address several technical issues that have become common among many conventional presses. For starters, the My Press consists of a lightweight frame and handle, making for easy transportation when needed. For safety, the system remains in the ‘lockdown’ or ‘closed’ position when not in use. When in use, the My Press uses an extremely user-friendly control system, consisting of only four buttons: Power On/Off, Temperature Up / Down, and C/F degree change. When plugged in, the unit will power on in ‘Safe’ mode, with the user interface displaying all necessary information. Once activated, the temperature will gradually rise to its pre-set setting (220 Degrees), requiring only a few button presses to adjust to one’s desired temperature (temperature adjustments occur in 10-degree increments).

Additionally, a built-in LED indicator light will indicate when the desired temperature is reached.  As the system locks, the display will transition to a timer, giving the user greater control over the consistency of their overall end results. Additional safety features include an automatic power off if left inactive for 30 minutes and an included adjustment wrench tool that can be used to make minor adjustments to the plate. When properly adjusted, the My Press system can deliver up to 6 tons of pressure between its stainless steel plates.  

“My Press was designed from the ground up in order to give rosin enthusiasts a proper tool to add to their arsenal. We launched at the end of March 2017, our public debut was at the 4/20 SoCal Cannabis Cup, and things have been gaining momentum ever since. We’d certainly like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way.”  

We’d like to thank the people at My Press for speaking to us about their rosin press system. For more information on the My Press, you can visit their website at