NBA Champion Lamar Odom to Launch Cannabis Line Rich Soil Organics

The company will provide cannabis-based wellness organically-grown products.

By Emery “Wolf” Morrison

Los Angeles, C.A. – With Cannabis gaining momentum on a global scale, many businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to seize the full potential of such a blossoming market. Former L.A. Lakers Basketball star and keeping up with the Kardashians’ star Lamar Odom is now a thriving entrepreneur. He has made the decision to tap into the Cannabis niche with his brand new business venture, Rich Soil Organics.

The company will offer various cannabis-related products, including flowers, concentrates, extracts and other CBD/THC infusions.

Taking advantage of the well-known benefits of cannabinoids, the vast product range offered by Rich Soil Organics aims to help users tackle a wide range of issues, including depression, stress, and anxiety, as well as physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches and chronic pain.

In addition to that, Rich Soil Organics also offers unique strains to foster creativity and focus, with particular consideration for the entertainment world in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

With a fondness for Kush-filled vape pens, Mr. Odom is a strong advocate of opioid-free body wellness solutions. On a quest to offer wholesome products that people can trust, Mr. Odom went above and beyond, seeking to establish relationships with the state’s highest quality growers of premium Cannabis strains, produced organically, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The 38-year old basketball star himself is no stranger to the remarkable perks and benefits of cannabis, and as a supporter of wholesome, organic products, it was only natural for him to establish a partnership with Camp Green, a premium quality grower of organic cannabis:

“While going through rehab, I discovered certain strains that support wellness. So I decided to team up with Camp Green, a company that supplies organically grown, pesticide-free cannabis,” comments Odom.

Camp Green President, Marvin Wilcher added that the Camp Green team is stoked about the partnership, and “excited to offer a solution based cannabis product line that supports wellness.”

VP of Marketing, Emery “Wolf” Morrison says: “This venture comes at an absolutely perfect time as the stigma related to Cannabis is quickly fading away. People of all walks of life are becoming increasingly aware of the many wellness perks this remarkable plant can offer. Even local governments are showcasing an open mind, with herb being legalized in many states for both medical and recreational purposes.”

With an impressive NBA basketball career under his belt, Lamar Odom has influenced many people, and he hopes to keep inspiring others to make conscious decisions, particularly concerning their choices regarding health and wellness. Mr. Odom discovered the power of Cannabis firsthand when he realized that the substance could make a positive impact on his recovery.

“Friends, associates, and ex-teammates asked me what solutions I was using on my road back to recovery, and that’s when Rich Soil Organics was born. It’s a perfect time to offer these Cannabis solutions to the public who may be going through similar body issues as I am,” he adds.

Rich Soil Organics is expected to start rolling out during the second quarter of 2018 in the company’s home state of California, in concert with legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the Golden State. The picture above is an example of the company’s approach to brand identity. The products themselves have a classy and stylish look to them, and the packages feature clear indications concerning the nature of the products and the features buyers can expect.

Lamar Odom and his associates are excited for the opportunity to establish a new brand within the growing cannabis industry, and are looking forward to connecting with people through their wide range of premium quality offerings.