NBPA Partners With Al Harrington For Athlete Wellness

An American basketball association has partnered with former NBA star Al Harrington to provide healing and relief for athletes.

Today, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced a partnership with Re+Play to bring topicals and technologically advanced products to Amazon and Walmart customers.

Re+Play is Harrington Wellness’ wellness and recovery line and, now, an official NBPA partner.

NBPA says the equity partnership will allow Re+Play to deliver new recovery-promoting products and technology to athletes everywhere.

According to NBPA, they will bring recovery products like topicals, kinesiology tape, massage guns, and naturally infused pain relief products to consumers through the partnership’s landmark multi-year product development plan.

Harrington says Re+Play’s partnership with NBPA will give consumers trusted products to help them recover like a pro.

“As we move into the next phase of the Re+Play brand with our strategic partners at Amazon, the NBPA, and Walmart,” says Harrington. “We are excited to once again reimagine how we help athletes of all levels recover from pain with CBD and other innovative technology.”

NBPA says the partnership’s first product releases will be recovery creams with proprietary formulations.

According to NBPA, the products come from another partnership with cannabinoid-focused biopharmaceutical company Avicanna.

THINK450 Interim President Que Gaskins says Harrington Wellness is a leader and innovator in consumer recovery products.

NBPA subsidiary THINK450 will generate business opportunities and manage licensing rights.

Gaskins says they are excited to join Harrington wellness in the landmark equity partnership.

“It was important that we developed a product that was clearly evidence-based and targeted at improving muscle recovery,” says Harrington Wellness Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sanford Kunkel. “Through our partnership with Avicanna—we were able to develop our line at its R&D headquarters in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center, JLABS, giving us a significant competitive product advantage.”