Oregon Cannabis Consumers Get High From Product Mix-Up

On Friday, September 24, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission announced that it had figured out why individuals were getting high on cannabidiol (CBD) products, which do not usually contain the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

According to the commission, Oregon company Select, also called Cura Cannabis, somehow switched two product lines at its Portland production facility.

A Production Mix-Up

The company’s employees appear to have mistaken a line of CBD products that do not include THC with a brand of adult-use cannabis products containing the psychoactive component related to cannabis usage.

It is a mistake with possibly significant health consequences and another setback for the Select/Cura brand, which was besieged by controversies and setbacks for years. Cura, once Oregon’s largest cannabis firm, is now owned by Curaleaf, a Massachusetts-based corporation.

“After our preliminary investigation, we believe this mistake occurred due to unintentional human error,” Curaleaf stated Saturday morning.

The business said that it would enhance quality standards and provide additional training to its production staff.

Curaleaf did not reply to a request from Oregon Live for comment on accountability for the error.

Oregon fined Cura a record $110,000 for “dishonest behavior” last year after the firm falsely stated that a range of vape goods contained 100% cannabis.

Course Correcting

Last week, state officials issued a recall for 1,000-milligram bottles of unflavored Select CBD Drops branded as “Broad Spectrum.” These items, which were not supposed to include THC, caused “paranoia” and “mental fog” in at least 13 unwary customers, according to the commission’s most recent tally.

Oregon has now issued a recall for 1,000-milligram bottles of Select Tincture 30mL THC Drops. The state stated that these recreational cannabis products do not include THC. Individuals who purchased them may return them to the store or dispose of them.

According to the OLCC, the investigation is ongoing, and it is too early to determine what sanctions Cura may face.

While medicinal cannabis has been authorized in Oregon since 2015, THC-containing products are subject to stringent regulation and testing standards that regulate its sale and licensing. Enthusiasts extensively use CBD as a general wellness supplement, and it is available in many grocery and health food stores.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is responsible for regulating CBD in the state.

According to authorities, approximately 630 of the Select Tincture THC drops have been sold since, and about 130 remain on the market in Oregon.

The state has instructed Cura to tell 15 merchants that they must discontinue sales of the product, which the business said it has already begun.

Original article: https://www.oregonlive.com/business/2021/09/cannabis-manufacturer-select-mixed-up-thc-and-cbd-products-oregon-says-and-thats-why-unsuspecting-consumers-got-high.html