Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival on 4/20

Changing perceptions of cannabis is key to growth, and the Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival & Summit is hitting the nail on the head.

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

The Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival & Summit, taking place from April 19-22, assures a 4/20 weekend of entertainment, engagement, and education. This event is the first of its kind for the Palm Springs Cultural Center.

At the film festival preview on March 27th, a representative of PSCC addressed how the festival fits in with the non-profit’s mission, which encourages arts and culture. Cannabis is still a debate and it’s undoubtedly spurring cultural change that is worthy of recognition. From growers in the North to upscale High Dining culinary experts in the South, cannabis is an integral part of life for many Californians. Those who are curious about cannabis will walk away from PSCFF with an understanding of just how normal and beneficial cannabis is.

PSCFF places an emphasis on education, which aids the festival in garnering the interest of lifelong cannabis lovers and hesitant community members alike. From Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, a film about women in cannabis, to Rolling Papers, a documentary about Denver Post’s first marijuana editor, the film lineup has something for everyone In addition to film showings, panel discussions will be held to open up a dialogue about cannabis. Some of the discussion topics include cannabis tourism, cannabis business, CBD, hemp, culinary infusion, cannabis for Seniors, agricultural methods, local and federal legality, and treating illness with cannabis.

Speakers to look forward to:

– Dr. Nick Karras, a sexologist who studies the cannabis high and it’s relation to creativity and achieving better sex.

– Dr. Ira Price, speaking on what strains to use for specific ailments, the opioid epidemic, how cannabis can aid sleep, and cannabis for PTSD.

– Lori Ajax, Chief of California Bureau of Cannabis Control will discuss her job as the “Cannabis Czar of California.”

– Veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter, separating fact from fiction when it comes to treating pets with cannabis.

– Marsha Rosenbaum Ph. D., who spearheaded the DPA’s work on youth and drugs, will speak on talking to your teen about cannabis.

While the Palm Springs Cultural Center, formerly Camelot Theater, won’t be filled with smoke, cannabis enjoyment will take place at associated events. Each morning of the festival will open with a Higher Ground Yoga class, for enhancing your yoga flow with cannabis. A cannabis-infused and locally sourced meal will be offered during a private culinary experience prepared by Chef Stephen Lee.

The Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival & Summit will be held at Palm Springs Cultural Center from 4/19-22. As the debate on cannabis continues, PSCFF is doing great work to diminish the clichés and stereotypes of the industry, it’s an exciting milestone for the cannabis community to be represented through PSCFF. Support their movement, celebrate the culture, and join up with passionate community members! Click here to purchase passes to PSCFF


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Featured image via Mary Janes: The Women of Weed