Pittsburgh Approves First Commercial Cannabis Production Facility

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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In a meeting held on Monday evening, the city council in the East Bay city of Pittsburgh, California voted 4 – 1 to approve the city’s first commercial cannabis permit.

Following a ten-month process in which Canyon Laboratories was finally able to obtain the new license, the company will be authorized to process cannabis oils and combine them with various products to be sent out to dispensaries.

“Basically, topical creams, ointments and lotions, and some ingestible products that would be categorized as dietary supplements and sports nutrition type products,” Canyon Laboratories CEO Richard Fischler told KGO 7. “The city was very opposed to doing this. There was kind of a misconception on what kind of business we were running.

But the majority of the council changed their minds when they learned that the company would not be processing cannabis plants or flowers, just the oils. Canyon Labs has also worked with local law enforcement to help ensure the safety of their business as well as other businesses nearby.

As part of the new license agreement, Canyon Laboratories will be subject to a sliding tax scale which is comparable to other local jurisdictions such as Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Rosa, and Berkeley:

• 5%: Gross receipts up to $10M

• 2.5%: Gross receipts $10-20M

• 1.25% Gross receipts over $20M

Until recently, Canyon Laboratories was known as BioZone Laboratories, Inc. and has done business in the Pittsburgh area since 1992, developing, manufacturing, and marketing over-the-counter drugs and preparations, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics.