Prop 64 Has Passed!

By Katie Burke

Prop 64 has passed.. Now what does that mean for me, the recreational user??


Yes, winning! Can I spark up a J anywhere, any time? NO, you actually can’t spark up anywhere at anytime. Effective immediately, people 21+ can possess an ounce of cannabis and up to six plants in their homes legally. People can also smoke in licensed businesses that allow smoking.  Basically, wherever it’s illegal to smoke a cigarette it’s also illegal to smoke cannabis. If you do get caught smoking in a prohibited area it’s $100 fine. If you are caught on school grounds, daycare property, or anywhere near children, it’s a $250 fine. Driving while impaired is still very much illegal. Prop 64 passing is huge step in the right direction for people that have prior marijuana convictions. If someone has a record for possession of marijuana they need to go to the court immediately, and file a petition to have the charges reduced and in some cases, dropped.

It’s illegal to take marijuana across state lines. This is a doozy! If there’s anything at all that you should take away from this article… know this, do not drive with cannabis to Arizona.They have dogs at their checkpoints and Arizona doesn’t play, I may know a thing or two about this first hand. This would leave most of us wondering how to actually obtain marijuana for us, the recreational user.  Cultivating marijuana is a pain in the ass if you don’t know what you’re doing. One needs supplies, space, and time, things that most of us have none of. Recreational dispensaries won’t be around until 2018 and medical dispensaries only sell to people with their recommendation cards…hmmm curious? If I can’t buy it from a medical dispensary, I don’t have a green thumb, and recreation dispensaries are 1.5 years out how do I get my hands on some weed? Well, as it turns out, I need to find someone with their recommendation have them go to the medical dispensary for me and give it to me. Which is awesome for me because, legally I can’t give them money for it, I can only get it donated and I am open for donations!