Weedmaps Under Attack

By Medicinal Michael Boris

IG: @medicinal_mike

One of the biggest success stories in the cannabis industry is the Weedmaps company. Established in 2008, Weedmaps has been on the forefront of the cannabis business community as the number one marijuana services locator in the nation.

Recently, Deputy City Attorney John Hemmerling stated publicly that he and cannabis task forces ‘could’ be working with Weedmaps to identify illegal delivery and dispensaries and shut them down.

A representative for the Irvine-based company stated, “Weedmaps has zero intentions of working with law enforcement to try and decipher who is and is not illegal according to state laws. And Weedmaps is not a policing agency, nor will it ever be.”

John Hemmerling

“These tactics are used to create distrust in the community, and a personal attack against Weedmaps,” they continued, assuring that the heart of the company still beats strong for patients. “Deputy City Attorney John Hemmerling knew exactly what he was doing by insinuating a partnership between the nation’s largest cannabis locator service and law enforcement. If we lose even one account because of the allegations, then law enforcement has succeeded in the quiet attack against us.”

City officials, the “cannabis czars” have once again lashed out against Weedmaps for its marketing tactics, insinuating that billboards displaying Weedmaps logos are the sole cause of underground cannabis marketing.

The city has threatened enormous fines for its use of tasteful advertising of the Weedmaps brand name, ignoring Google, Craigslist, and the entire internet itself as a resource to unlicensed cannabis dispensaries.

Considerably, most unlicensed dispensaries are unable to obtain a permit because of the ridiculous qualifiers that the state requires for a license, such as $300k in liquid


assets. The strict requirements serve to take 90% or more of the small cannabis businesses out of the game permanently and pave the way for corporate cannabis to dominate the industry with controlled approved growing, manufacturing, and pricing of marijuana and taxes that are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

Correspondents mentioned that despite the threats of shutdowns, Weedmaps is continuing to operate as they have in the past.

“It is business as usual here. And don’t believe just anything you see posted on Instagram,” they explained. “We do have some IRS customer verifications to report the same as you would in any mainstream job to ensure we all pay our taxes but nothing has changed here at the Weedmaps family.”

Leafly, who is also a nationwide marijuana locator service that is popular in Oregon and Washington mentioned that it was dropping all illegal dispensaries from their site as of March 1.

When companies have to become a metaphoric police force against the green movement of cannabis, and prevent the pioneers of the cannabis movement to exist because of low assets, then you have to stop and ask yourself if we really did win anything by legalizing cannabis, or if we just blindly voted to take ourselves out of the game.


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