Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit is in the works…

By Cara Anderson
IG: @carajojo

The Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit is curated by a mindful and dedicated group. Giacomina and Paul of The Palm Springs Cultural Center have been breaking stigmas and creating spaces for educators, artists, filmmakers, and otherwise like-minded individuals for a while now. They started the Certified Farmers Market in Coachella Valley ten years ago; they believe in food as medicine and the importance of knowing your farmer. Paul and Gia medicate with cannabis and care where their cannabis comes from as well.

The Palm Springs Cultural Center’s goal is to enhance the sense of community in Palm Springs, improve the arts culture, and to spur visitors to get engaged with the local programs.

Two speakers are already locked in for the film festival, Lori Ajax and Dr. Ira Price.

Lori Ajax is the chief of the California Cannabis Bureau of Control. Previously to being appointed chief of the Cannabis Bureau of Control, Ajax worked for the Alcoholic Beverage Control for 22 years, eventually becoming the Chief Deputy Director.

Dr. Ira Price is an Assistant Clinic Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine at McMaster University. In 2011, he is the founder of the Medical Cannabis Journal Club of Hamilton and started a free medical clinic in cannabinoid medicine in Hamilton, Ontario. I had the opportunity to attend a talk on Cannabis as Medicine by Dr. Ira Price; he is a captivating speaker with a wealth of knowledge.

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