QR Codes…What Are These?

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are barcodes for digital media. They have been popping up all over the place. They are commonly seen on banners, as profile pictures on different social media outlets, in print media, and even on clothing.

Having a barcode scanner on your smartphone allows you to easily scan a barcode and it will bring you straight to the webpage or a social media page that the code is linked to. Once you start scanning I guarantee you won’t be able to stop; it is so unbelievably convenient.

Have you ever asked someone their Instagram name or SnapChat name? Things can get somewhat confusing due to the users unique spellings for their profile names. Imagine if you met someone and asked how to find them on Instagram. Instead of them answering with, “LIZZAPIZZAMEEZA, that’s l-i-z, as in zebra…” you just scan the QR code embroidered on their hat, or printed on their business card. See how streamlined sharing and connecting can be?

We, here at Candid Chronicle, place QR codes with their corresponding articles in the Candid Chronicle. When you scan one of our QR codes, you will be directed to the online version of the article that you are reading. QR codes allow you to share our articles on social media, or text/email the link to friends.

Download a QR Scanning app from the app store or play store. I suggest Bar-Code, which is Android and iPhone friendly.