Round Up: Getting Ready for 420

The famous cannabis celebration 420 is just days away and we’ve got you prepared with a run-down of what to pack in your picnic basket for a dope day.

Before All Else

Bae Vapes really are bae. The mellow hitting, delightful concentrate pens are not only pleasing to the eyes but deliver an enchanting high. Bae Vapes is the first of its kind, created by women, for women. The rechargeable vapes are pearlescent pink and have an adorable heart light at the bottom of the vape when the pen is hitting. The vapes come in three varieties, Sativa Pink Punch for an uplifting hit of fresh strawberries, Hybrid Cake Batter for a full-bodied jolt of energy, and Indica Macaron for unwinding. Bae Vapes are available at licensed dispensaries all over California. My sweet little Bae Vape is coming to the beach with me this 4/20. Image courtesy of Bae Vapes.

therapy tonics and provisions cannabis coffee espresso

Sipping Sativa

Would you like to meet at the crossroads of caffeinated and medicated with a cannabis infused espresso beverage, plus a pinch of dark brown sugar? Yes. Get there with Therapy Tonics and Provisions’ Semi Sweet Cannabis Espresso. The drink has a rich cannabis flavor, and is also available in a vegan option. Therapy Tonics and Provisions also offers Mexican Mocha Cannabis Milk, Vanilla Caramela Cannabis Coffee, Indian Spiced Chai Tea Cannabis Latte, Coconut Matcha Cannabis Tea, Chammomile Mint Cannabis Luna Tea, and an array of tinctures. You can find Therapy Tonics and Provisions cannabis products at licensed California retailersImage via @drinkabletherapy

broccoli brands cannabis flower banana cream pie

What to Break Down

Broccoli Brands’ Banana Cream Pie, an Indica dominant Hybrid from that will have you melting into relaxation. The strain is a cross between Girlscout Cookies and Banana OG. Broccoli Brands is a division Camp Green Organics. Broccoli’s other strains include Bay Area Purple Punch, Sin City Sin OG Kush, Broccoli Brands cannabis can be found at licensed retailers across California. Camp Green’s CBD companies, Krafted Organics, and Lamar Odom’s Rich Soil can be delivered nationwide. Image via @broccolibrands lit culture hemp wrap

What to Roll Up With

Lit Culture’s Premium Hemp Wraps are excellent alternatives to tobacco blunt wraps. The wraps are made with 100% organic hemp and burn at that an even, slow pace that blunt lovers want. The hemp wraps are available in flavors such as Original, Georgia Peach, and Paradise Express. Plus, Lit Culture’s wraps are super flexible, won’t crack, and can be purchased online. Image via @litculturelife

arcanna salve cannabis pain relief


For aches and pains that you want to melt away on 420 day, try Arcanna’s Chaos Naturae Original Salve. This pain salve is packed with cannabis, St John’s Wort, arnica, black pepper, clary sage, bergamot, and ginger. Arcanna Salve is produced by Arcanna Flowers, which has a range of sun-grown cannabis flowers as well. Their products can be found in California dispensaries. Arcanna Salve is a product of Mendocino Generations, an alliance of compliant cannabis farmers in Mendocino County that are synonymous with quality world renowned cannabis.

mondo meds cannabis anxiety relief powder

Perfect Powder

Mondo Meds is a cannabis-infused, edible powder with a 15-minute onset. It’s a lifesaver for people who don’t have time to smoke throughout the day but need a dose of relief. Originally formulated to treat anxiety, the powder has the potential to be used as a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. Mondo Meds recently rolled out their Hemp infused CBD powder as well, which is available for shipping nationally. Mondo Meds offers a CBD membership program that includes free shipping, premium pricing, and delivers a monthly shipment of Mondo Meds CBD to your home.

Mondo Meds edible powder is created by infusing coconut oil and then dehydrating the infused oil. We’ve all heard that perfection is not attainable, but a Mondo Meds high is practically there. Image via @mondomeds

CBD-Pre-Rolls fenix hemp sticks

420 is Hemp Day, Too

Fenix Hemp Stick pre-rolls are a great option to have on deck for 420. Maybe you’re hanging with a friend who gets drug tested and doesn’t want to feel left out, pass them a non-THC joint before you tell them to find a different job. Or, in the case that you’re going to be with a someone who’s concerned about getting too high. First, remind them that everything is going to be fine. Second, have CBD ready in case they get weird. Smoking Fenix CBD Hemp Sticks will reduce the psychoactive effects of THC by pushing some of the THC off of their brain receptors. If neither of those situations applies, you may simply want a relaxing, delicious, and phytocannabinoid rich toke, and you can’t go wrong with Fenix.

On top of their Hemp Sticks, Fenix also offers CBD crumble, CBD cartridges, tinctures, and Hemp Flower strains such as Hawaiian Haze. Fenix’s artisanal grown hemp products are grown in Oregon, distributed through California, and can be delivered nationally. Image via