San Diego Police Target Unlicensed Delivery Services

By Benjie Cooper

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Beginning in August 2017, the San Diego Police Department initiated a crackdown on cannabis delivery services. While licensed marijuana shops are currently operating in the city and have the option of delivering to customers, delivery-only companies are not allowed.

The number of delivery services increased rapidly in 2016 after San Diego managed to shut down the majority of illegal dispensaries in the city.

“Delivery services will pose a much more lengthy investigative process due to their mobility and multiple storage locations,” Police Lieutenant Matt Novak told the City Council’s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods (PSLN) subcommittee in December. “If they continue to operate in the city, they will face the same fate the illegal storefronts did.”

According to a new report generated by SDPD for the PSLN, the department has shut down eleven delivery services, executed fifteen search warrants, made thirty-four arrests, and seized 230 pounds of marijuana and $60,000 in cash since they began their crackdown last year.

Elizabeth Wilhelm of Timely Holistic Care delivery service told NBC7 that increased police action will only drive the services further underground and that the only way to take care of the black market is to give the delivery services a path for legalization with the same licensing and regulation opportunities that other cannabis businesses in the city have.

The San Diego Police Department will be presenting the report in a meeting Wednesday morning at the City Administration Building.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 @9:00 a.m.
City Administration Building
Committee Room – 12th Floor
202 C Street
San Diego, CA 92101

For more information, view the meeting agenda here, or call 619-236-7038