Sinsemilla CBD

It has been around ten months since with a lot of encouragement from my partner I integrated CBD into my daily life.

In the beginning only using oils before further researching this magnificent cannabinoid, exploring various products and of course reaping the glorious benefits that this powerful plant had on my life.

Around six months ago I was gifted by a friend some CBD flowers grown by a Swiss company called Sinsemilla, the quality & consistency was a lot higher than any I had tried previously and once the gifted herbs were finished I was very curious to get to know more about the company and explore their beautifully crafted products further.

And recently I was very happy to have had the pleasure of doing just that.I was beyond grateful to receive a selection of the delicious strains that they had available. 24K, Charlotte, Frosty, and Lemon Tonic.

24K & Lemon Tonic both possessing a very sativa-esque medicated buzz which I found to be perfect for morning/daytime use to relieve anxiety, leaving a hint of motivation that carried me well throughout the day without the ‘crash’ kind of feeling I am often left with after smoking THC sativa products.

Charlotte & Frosty with more of a sedative Indica feel which naturally was going to be more suited for evening relaxation, as a nighttime sleep aid or perfect for impromptu day time napping.

24k & Lemon Tonic were seemingly a lot more beneficial to aiding any cerebral issues such as anxiety or mood disorder, while Charlotte and Frosty aiding the more physical side of pain that CBD can be a great assistant for, any aches and pains that I had during the day were quickly catered too after enjoying a small amount of the more  Indica-esque flowers.

A one man ran business started in 2017 solely for the passion of the plant, a plant that was widely sold in his native country as a flower to put under your pillow for a good nights sleep.

Driven by a long term love and fascination for cannabis, dating back to his younger years where he would have summer grow offs with his neighbor and friend. Two years were spent educating himself before he actually tried smoking cannabis for the first time ( a fact that I find truly admirable, that such a lengthy amount of time was spent curating a better understanding of this marvelous medicine before he experienced it for himself).

It is a rarity to see an individual who is purely invested in this for love and not financial gain and it truly shows in every aspect of the high-quality product he cultivates.

As I mentioned prior I was genuinely taken back by the amazing quality and after getting to know a bit more about the man himself it makes absolute sense that someone with such respect and love for cannabis would of course produce such a beautiful medicine.

The love and passion invested by him into his plants is made obvious with every beautiful bud and glittering trichome.                                                                                          I am grateful that individuals like this are the ones responsible for growing my medicine.                                                                                                                                      As a user of cannabis medicinally I am excited to see his business and his lovingly crafted products grow over the coming years.