Soothe CBD valuing quality, transparency, sustainability & philanthropy

By Cara Anderson 

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A passion for cannabis, philanthropy, and the industry’s need for an honest CBD provider brought Soothe to life. Soothe is a young and potent contender in the CBD industry with their line of sustainable, regulated, and reasonably priced disposable vapes, tinctures, topicals, and pet products. It’s the brand’s sincerity that makes consumers confident in their purchase; buying something that benefits your personal wellbeing and likewise gives back to the community.

Based out of Center City Philadelphia, and founded by Richard Henne, Ryan Duranso, Brandon Bahr, and Alex Grimm, Soothe’s model for business is sure to cause a ripple effect in the cannabis industry.

“Our pillars are: Quality, transparency, sustainability and philanthropy.” – Richard Henne

In recent times, many CBD companies have been under fire for mislabeling their products.

Soothe stands out through their company’s pillars and standards for premium quality. Lab results are provided with each of their products; they offer clean and potent ingredients to ensure the best possible effects.

“All of our CBD products are created using USDA approved farming techniques. We outsource our solutions to an industry leader in the manufacturing of CBD. They make sure to avoid any pesticide use and guarantee that all of their products are safe, sustainable and healthy. ” – Richard Henne

Soothe’s ingredients are organic, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and sourced from farms that practice ethical farming, meaning no pesticides. All products, including their bacon flavored full spectrum Pet Oil Drops, go through quality control, testing, and USDA approved farming techniques.

Even the product packaging ties back to the Soothe name and product benefit; simple tranquility.

As far as philanthropy goes, the founding members of Soothe know what an impact it can be to give back to the community. Soothe is working to end the Opioid Crisis and to increase Mental Health awareness by way of donating to relevant organizations.

Soothe’s top sellers are their disposable vape Soothe Puffs, 5 mg Gummies, and tinctures that come in mint and natural flavors. Be on the lookout for Soothe’s CBD isolate powder; it’s going to be a game changer for those who want a low-mess, versatile CBD product. Imagine adding a scoop of Soothe CBD powder mix to your smoothie, coffee, or even topping off a bowl of popcorn for a relaxing movie night.

While Soothe plans to transition into THC inclusive products in the future, they’re buckling down to provide tried and tested quality CBD before expanding into psychoactive products.

Soothe products are available online at and in retailers that support the soothe brand mission. They’re currently doing pop up events around Philadelphia and the Tri-State area to educate consumers and provide Soothe products in person.

Soothe ships nationally for now, and Candid Chronicle readers can receive 10% off of while shopping Soothe with code: soothecandid


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