Stoner Thoughts on Harnessing Creativity

Do you ever smoke weed and feel like a genius? That’s exactly how The Savage’s Strawberry Banana made me feel. One magnificent idea flowed into another and past my lips. The profundity! The ingenuity! The glorious wisdom! The next day, I could remember a few of them, and some were still good ideas when I was completely straight.

*Hits blunt.*

Are my stoner thoughts still genius if I can’t remember them later?

Eureka! Courtesy of Twitter’s @HitsABlunt

Stoner thoughts are nothing new to even casual cannabis consumers. Heady conversation winds through seemingly unrelated topics, punctuated by the occasional, “Eureka!” This is the result of “divergent thinking” caused by “hyper-priming.” Measuring divergent thinking is a clinical way to measure a much more intangible notion: creativity. Essentially, cannabis is known to increase our brain’s ability to relate unrelated concepts, thus perceiving and applying connections in new ways, possibly even forming new neural pathways.

This undoubtedly contributed to cannabis’ popularity in artistic circles. In the 19th century, at Paris’ Le Club des Hashishins, Alexandre Dumas and the French literary titans shared stories over hash. Pablo Picasso’s cubism is rumored to have stemmed from cannabis consumption. Cannabis is intimately entangled in the birth of jazz, a musical style founded on improvisation. Today, musicians across genres remain at the avant garde of mainstreaming cannabis. There is a long-celebrated connection between cannabis and extraordinary creativity.

Comedian Dan LaMorte is my favorite contributor to #stonerthoughts, but makes it clear the outcome isn’t always productive.

This is not to say that cannabis begets genius, and it’s no substitute for hard work! Most stoner thoughts are funny, at best, the next day. Others are nothing more than a distraction.

Just look at those gorgeous, long, white trichomes! While Strawberry Banana often tests at around 17-23% THC, The Savage’s cannabis flower tested in at 25%. Some have clocked in over 32% THC.

For cannabis to play a role in creativity, choose a strain that is suited to the job. Strawberry Banana combines Banana Kush and the strawberry phenotype of Bubblegum – both parent strains are recognized for creativity, euphoria and sensory awareness. While this indica-dominant strain is known to relax, I didn’t experience any sleepy or drowsy effects. Quite the opposite, my brain was running a thousand miles a minute. With a high 25% THC content, this rush of stoner thoughts was very enjoyable.

The Savage’s Strawberry Banana flower, a strain sometimes called Strawnana, is recognized for its eponymous fruity-sweet smell. Maybe this contributes to why it gives truly excessive munchies!

Delicious-smelling Strawberry Banana is a great choice for anyone who wants a creative boost, to get past writers’ block, or to tackle a problem from a new direction. It won’t turn you into Steve Jobs, William Shakespeare, or Lady Gaga, but it just might help you over whatever creativity hurdle is ahead.

*Hits blunt.*

Oh, and be sure to write it down, or your brilliance may be lost forever.