Sunderstorm Introduces Personalized Dosing With NANO5 DNA

Two California companies have unveiled a new product that uses DNA matching to improve the cannabis consumption experience.

Cannabis product manufacturer Sunderstorm and biotechnology research company EndoCanna Health have introduced NANO5 DNA, a line of sublingual products scientifically tailored to match consumer DNA.

Cannabis is Personal

Sunderstorm says NANO5 DNA is the next big breakthrough in cannabis science through the concept that “cannabis is personal.”

According to Sunderstorm, NANO5 DNA is the first THC product to scientifically align with a consumer’s genetic makeup and enhance their experience with cannabis.

Because everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, the effects of cannabis consumption can vary by individual.

While consuming cannabis may provide relaxation for some people, it might induce feelings of anxiety in others.

“Consumers often try multiple products in order to get the right effect,” says EndoCanna Health CEO Len May. “Genetically aligned cannabinoid formulations like NANO5 DNA match consumers with better experiences and outcomes from the first use. We are proud to partner with Sunderstorm, who is working at the forefront of personalized cannabis products.”

A Match Made in DNA

To personalize the cannabis product selection process, Sunderstorm partnered with EndoCanna to take advantage of their EndoDNA Test, which analyzes more than 700,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms associated with the endocannabinoid system.

After EndoCanna Health analyzes a consumer’s DNA, they issue an in-depth report that details their unique genotype and identifies potential risks and positive outcomes.

The report also aligns the consumer’s DNA with current research to predict how certain cannabinoids and terpenes will affect them.

EndoCanna Health uses the information in the report to match consumers to their ideal NANO5 DNA formulation.

The current lineup of NANO5 DNA tinctures includes Relief, Unwind, and Response varieties.

Sunderstorm says each tincture contains specific CBD-to-THC ratios, tailor-fit terpene profiles, and essential oils in consistent concentrations.

According to the company, NANO5’s grab-and-go simplicity and quick onset time provide consumers with genetically aligned products that facilitate a reliable and repeatable positive cannabis experience.

Sunderstorm CEO and Co-Founder Cameron Clarke says they worked diligently with EndoCanna to create the science, technology, and delivery system to help consumers discover the best cannabis formulation for their bodies.

“NANO5 DNA’s cutting-edge scientific technology showcases not only the sophistication of cannabis consumer science,” says Clarke. “But also how CPG companies are in the space are leveraging mainstream scientific methods to reinforce the industry’s overall legitimacy.”

NANO5 DNA products are currently available through select California dispensaries and delivery services like Mother Nature’s Remedy and Rebud Delivery.