The One Hit One Da!

A Microdose Chillum Designed to Keep You “Dosed, Not Wasted”

By thefairybudmother

IG: @thefairybudmother

I entered a giveaway drawing for the OneHitOneDa on Instagram, and to my surprise, I won. I didn’t understand how this one-hitter pipe worked, or how it differs from any other chillum until I started using it. And boy am I using it! The folks at OneHitOneDa actually sent me two, and I am hesitant to gift the second one, because I may want one to keep in my purse.

The OneHitOneDa is probably not for everyone. If you’re a seasoned pot smoker who requires a lot of cannabis to get whatever effect you need, if you never smoke alone, if you don’t smoke or vape cannabis, this device may not be for you. However, bear in mind that it works not only with high potency flower but also kief and dry sift. If you’re new to cannabis, interested in microdosing, wishing to moderate your cannabis use and more mindfully smoke, or are needing to get the most economical use of your cannabis, I recommend that you read on.

I’m a medical cannabis patient who used marijuana to get off of opioids and other painkillers. I’m continuing to use cannabis to relieve pain and be more functional, not to drool in a stupor all day. Sometimes I enjoy getting a good mind-altering session going, especially in the evening or on a bad day, but for the most part when I medicate, I want a quick puff that will give me enough body stone and mental euphoria to ease my pain while still making it possible for me to function as a responsible adult. To keep my tolerance low and my respiratory tract healthy, I microdose, using small amounts of cannabis throughout the day, switching strains frequently, and taking occasional two-day tolerance breaks. In fact, I use much less than 1 gram of flower per day, topping off at maybe a half gram per day on my most challenging days. That’s 500 mg or ten 50 mg doses in the OneDa.

Using cannabis regularly, I quickly learned that it’s difficult to smoke just part of a bowl or part of a joint. Lighting up a partly smoked joint or bowl is equally unappealing and wasteful. I must roll another joint or load another pipe if I want to change strains—for instance, when I am using CBD or sativa in the daytime and indica at night. Unless I methodologically label everything, I cannot reliability know what strain I have in which device or joint. Further, more and more studies point to the impact of

Terpenes, the fragrant essential oils in cannabis, as being key to how the brain’s endocannabinoid system takes in the effects of cannabis. Known as the entourage effect, the synergistic relationship of cannabinoids to terpenes leads me to believe that a fresh, tasty hit of whole flower is not only more delicious but more beneficial, medicinally.

This still leaves the issue that I have no idea how much I have smoked and must be very mindful of when to stop so that I don’t get stoned. Let’s face it; once you start getting a little medicated, it’s pretty easy to just throw caution to the wind and keep going until you’re left singing “because I got high,” while procrastinating anything more physically or mentally strenuous than coloring.

I have other chillums, and I don’t use them. They rarely hold any reasonable amount, but the worst part is gagging on burnt or still lit ash because most have no screen.


The OneHitOneDa looks like it was bizarrely cobbled together from random machined head shop bits. There’s a familiar bowl with a screen and mouthpiece, a lid and a long textured tube with a little burred out bowl which, we’re told, holds 50 mg of ground cannabis. The mouthpiece unscrews to attach to an aluminum downstem, should you prefer to seat your OneDa into a bong.

Once I figured out where I was supposed to put the weed, the OneDa easy to load, and I have been able to use CBD rich strains to help me through painful mornings without getting overly medicated. I find I can wrap a bit of waxed hemp such as Hemp Line around the textured shaft, light it, and hold a gentle flame to the flower just far enough away to convect vapor instead of incinerating the bowl. I get a few good pulls off of this, making that one hit a genuine one da!

Cleaning the One Da is pretty straightforward, using rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or pipe cleaner, or dissembling it and giving it a 5-minute soak in a ziplock bag filled with isopropyl alcohol.

The folks at OneHitOneDa also sent me their Grinda card, which is basically a credit card sized grater for weed. It works pretty well, though I wish more of the real estate on the card were covered with grater surface area over their spoovy logo. Rubbing a bud against a postage stamp sized surface area is a bit ridiculous, though better than trying to break it up by hand.

I signed on as an affiliate, less because I hope for any profit, and more so that I can offer a coupon code to help patients like myself try this unique micro-dosing device. The OneHitOneDa retails for $30 and includes a mail-in offer for a Grinda card for $0.79 shipping. Use Coupon Code BUDSOFFAIRY for $5 off at