The Rabbit Hole

Kinda a hole, in the wall, with mediocre food.

By Kathleen McLean

I finally had no kids and wanted to go somewhere different. I live off the 94 and didn’t want to go all the way downtown so I figured North Park/Normal Heights would be perfect. I went on Yelp to look up happy hour specials. The Rabbit Hole came up. I read through the reviews, which to be honest weren’t bad. They boasted of a cool atmosphere and decent food. They do have four stars so red flags should have been raised.

I decided to give it a try. My husband and I headed over on a Wednesday at 530.  The place had a moderate crowd with plenty of seating available. The Happy Hour Menu was decent. I grabbed a Pilsner, and he got a basil bunny cocktail suggested by our waitress. His drink was made well. I do not like the taste of hard alcohol, and I didn’t taste the Titos in his at all. The drink was damn good!

We settled in and took in our surroundings. It was a decent atmosphere, nothing to write home about, but that was because all the long tables in the front with the huge windows were taken. We were seated in the back to the right. We started with the fire in the hole wings. They were great. Super duper crispy, like east coast Chinese food wings but, spicey. For dinner, I ordered a steak sandwich, and he ordered Dead Presidents Mac and Cheese and added brisket.

My steak sandwich didn’t have enough cheese on it. I was disappointed because I love a good steak, cheese, and pepper sandwich. However, when I went back and reread the menu the title of the sandwich said Steak Sandwich, not steak and cheese, so to be fair, I suppose the sandwich rang true to the title. My husbands Mac and Cheese was not good. There was ZERO flavor to it. It was completely tasteless.

The service was decent. The waitress was prompt taking orders and getting us our drinks. The place was ok; it was like any other bar. Except for the flies and outdoor patio. The flies were insane, and I know it’s not their fault, but there was no way I could write a review without mentioning them. The patio, I didn’t know they had one until I was looking up the name of the cocktail on their website to write this review. I love bars with patios and wish we were informed upon entering. I don’t imagine I’ll be back, but, for people living in the area, this place would be a convenient hang out spot.