710 Farmers Cup Events Announced

A special thank you to all community members, businesses and sponsors who supported the last event at Cannabis Row and the 420 Farmers Cup awards celebration on stage to close out the concert! It means the world to the organizing team to bring the community together. With 710 the Farmers Cup team is a little more passionate than some about bringing people together on the topic of extracts, oils, concentrates, rosin, resins or hash. If you look at some of our past Candid Chronicle articles during the pandemic, we knew many would pick up their lantern and shine the light; but many were still too shy to pull up at Cannabis Row with a full rig setup! Still the public culture is just not fully accepting of concentrated cannabis or dab culture. 

“WE LOVE OUR OIL DAY! Next Farmers Cup is our 710 Cup which is a concentrates ONLY competition, which as you can imagine attracts the attention of the entire Cannabis industry. Continuing education and environmental mindset is important to our team and community.. So brands doing the right thing for our planet and community are encouraged to submit any media that focuses on educational aspects. Anything relevant such as packaging, vape manufacturing, disposal of cannabis waste/packaging, really any productive eco-minded industry media content would be welcomed…” -Josh Caruso, Farmers Cup Founder and Cannabis Row Organizer “We are also working to have a really awesome 710 Awards Ceremony on site at a beautiful location in San Diego!“

San Diego Events to celebrate Farmers Cup 710

The 710 Farmers Cup will be at two local dispensaries for their judge pick-up days where Farmers Cup judges will flood the shops to pick-up their 5 category judge kits. Considering the fun the judges and industry partners had in the last pick-up days, the Farmers Cup team will be working to allow competing brands or sponsors to have booths available for the July 8th & 9th judge pick-up days! Also, as you may have seen in the 710mph Bus Tour to 420 campaign, Farmers Cup can really flex to be a multiple event cannabis judging competition. That being said, the judges and brands involved in this contest will be getting together more often! Even the 710 Awards Ceremony event will be live but private to only judges, contestants, local dispensary buyers and Farmers Cup sponsors. 

710mph to OIL this time? 

This 710 Cup is going to be filled with 5 categories including Infused Flower products, Concentrates, Solvent-Free Concentrates, Vapes, & Solvent-Free Vapes. For now judge tickets can be found on EventHi-IO, but they will soon be unavailable as there are a limited number of these judge experiences. Connoisseurs who care about the legal cannabis industry and making sure quality brands make it, should consider joining the Farmers Cup as a judge! Farmers Cup judges have an opportunity to influence the industry, not just blow smoke on camera like most social media influencer’s do. Get your product review back to the brands on a golden plate anonymously but from a small group of judges, like a cannabis focus group. All about concentrates in this 710 Farmers Cup, but really is is about the people. If judges see things the same way, Farmer’s Cup winners receive crystal trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Plus, various trophies for Best of” People’s Choice trophies and Infinite Cal lab testing results trophies. People win, and the people behind the brands win too. 

The highest CBD, THC, Terpenes, Cannabinoids are still important to many, but judges also get an individual experience. A judge’s experience with Farmers Cup is one where while judges quickly help to pinpoint the best, they also may find their Daily; their morning or night new new; or a different product that they might miss out on knowing about the mere existence of it. Brands should keep in mind that winning is only part of the competition! The judges pay close attention to the brands coming into the San Diego market and mention them often in their social medias. 

Fall Cannabis Events

Then the next giant event is coming up late October, this SoCal Cannabis Career Expo will be one to put in the books. The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market team is working on a venue that will shake the planet! The SDCFM team is committed to help support the growing economy of the San Diego County cannabis industry. In person vendor and exhibitor space for employers, equity brands, veteran businesses and B2B businesses for both the career; and the business mixer spaces. In addition to booths, there will be advertising sponsorship opportunities. Brands interested in this event are encouraged to reach out to the Farmers Cup team for more details on either event.