The Sexiness of Green

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Artist: Jayna Anderson


Art IG: @jayna_anderson

Personal IG: @snowleoppy

Work IG: @thejunkyardco


My research and conceptual art focus on expanding potential identities + alternate pockets of time, in relation to environment, appearance, and sexuality. Portal Imagery often appears in my work, and has become an illustrative method for alternate moments in time and space. Transcend Time via Art.

I am color obsessive, and have been stuck on the sexiness of Green for a few years now. I find working in monochrome Green is challenging and exciting. The color of re-birth and envy, nature and digital space, Green forces me to see colors within color. It’s gone beyond art though, and my boyfriend has to deal with me trying to paint everything in our home Green, sorry Justin!

A California Transplant, I reside in the Mojave Hi-Desert of Eastern CA. On the weekends, you can catch me hiking in the mountains, exploring the desert, or running into the ocean fully clothed.