There’s CBD In My Toothpaste

In the modern world of cannabis, there’s a virtually limitless variety of cannabidiol (CBD) products from which consumers can choose.

And the list gets longer every day.

While THC has historically been the most prominent cannabinoid associated with the cannabis plant, CBD has gained a high level of acceptance that its psychoactive counterpart may never achieve.

From skin care products to sleep aids and even clothing, the vast array of CBD products on the retail market has brought cannabis into people’s lives in a way most might not have imagined a decade ago.

I have had the opportunity to try a range of CBD-infused products in the past several years and have incorporated many into my everyday life.

Topical CBD products have become a go-to for me when I want enhanced healing for scrapes, cuts, bruises, and other skin-related issues.

CBD gummies and other similar edible products are personal favorites for helping maintain better internal health as well.

But speaking of better internal health, oral care is a vital factor regarding your overall well-being.

Poor oral health can lead to other health risks and complications so it’s a good idea to take care of your teeth.

They Put CBD in the Toothpaste

I recently received a tube of Sprinjene’s CBD-infused, fluoride-free Black Seed Oil toothpaste and began implementing it into my oral hygiene routine.

When I first put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and began brushing, I wasn’t fully prepared for the experience.

I use an electric toothbrush because I feel it does a better job cleaning my teeth than its non-powered alternatives.

But the toothbrush isn’t what surprised me, because I’m used to that.

Over the past few decades, I’ve tried various toothpaste brands, flavors, and formulas.

Periodically, I’ve substituted the standard minty toothpaste types with various gel and fluoride-free varieties and flavors like bubblegum and cinnamon.

But in all my brushing time, I’ve never before tried clove-flavored toothpaste.

Instantly, the flavor reminded me of the purple spice gumdrops I ate as a child and the clove cigarettes I tried a few times long ago in my younger days.

While I never developed a taste for the heavy clove cigarettes, I enjoyed the gumdrops.

And I do like the flavor of the Sprinjene toothpaste.

It Feels Good

In addition to tasting good, the toothpaste is effective at cleaning and appears to be helping to improve my oral health.

Besides the clean feeling, I’ve noticed that my mouth feels better overall after brushing with the Sprinjene toothpaste.

I can assume it’s partially because of reduced inflammation from the toothpaste’s CBD content and other beneficial ingredients.

Studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial in the early healing stages of oral wounds.

I can personally attest to CBD’s ability to help the healing process, as can others I know who have experienced positive results with it.

CBD’s Role in Oral Care

SprinJene says that it has spent years building its brand, centering around utilizing the power of natural ingredients to protect and improve oral health.

The inspiration behind creating a CBD toothpaste came from what Sprinjene calls one of the most exciting, and most researched natural ingredients in the market today.

Sprinjene says CBD has demonstrated a profound impact on various medical symptoms and conditions, including oral health, making it a perfect match when creating a new toothpaste.

With its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and homeostatic properties, which contribute to better overall oral health, Sprinjene says CBD has proven to be one of the most important and most-studied cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

According to the company, incorporating CBD into oral and dental care results in real health benefits.

Benefits include naturally eliminating decay-causing bacteria, reducing gum inflammation, restoring pH balance, increasing remineralization, reducing bone loss associated with gum disease, and helping to improve overall health.

When deciding to make a CBD toothpaste, Sprinjene wanted to create a product that offered the full benefits of CBD and the wide array of other cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant.

“That meant sourcing the finest, broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD oil derived from whole hemp,” says Sprinjene. “That is very different from using hemp seed oil—which does not contain CBD. This key difference, combined with our other natural ingredients, makes SprinJene CBD like no other toothpaste available anywhere.”

In addition to CBD, Sprinjene’s toothpaste also includes a variety of other beneficial natural ingredients.

The toothpaste’s patented black seed oil (nigella sativa) and zinc formula provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-gingivitis properties.

“The black seed plant has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years,” says Sprinjene. “In toothpaste, it helps to lubricate the oral surfaces and selectively kill pathogenic (bad) bacteria, while leaving good bacteria alone. Zinc is a natural antibacterial agent approved by the FDA as an anti-gingivitis agent. It works with black seed oil to maximize both ingredients’ effectiveness.”

On Sprinjene’s Horizon

While Sprinjene’s CBD toothpaste is a strong addition to the company’s product lineup, it’s only the beginning.

Sprinjene says that it will offer a full range of oral care products that provide the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD, including oral rinses and additional toothpaste options.

The next product in the pipeline is a Sprinjene CBD mouthwash, which the company plans to launch later this year.