Three Medicinal Cannabis Legalization Measures on Ballot In Missouri

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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The chance to vote on a recreational or medicinal cannabis legalization measure has become more common in recent years and paved the way for over half of the United States to pass marijuana reform laws.

But while there usually is only one initiative to decide on, in November, Missouri voters will be choosing between three separate medical marijuana measures.

New Approach Missouri’s Amendment 2 would legalize cannabis use for nine qualifying conditions and allow certified patients to have up to six flowering plants. The measure would also add a 4% sales tax to medicinal marijuana and prohibit local jurisdictions from banning medical cannabis businesses.

Sponsored by Find the Cures, Amendment 3 would allow medicinal cannabis use for ten conditions plus any added by the research board. Home cultivation is not covered in the text of the measure, but it would impose a 15% sales tax and allow local governments to implement bans through a majority vote.

Proposition C allows for nine conditions to be treated with medical marijuana and adds a 2% sales tax. Home cultivation is prohibited under the measure, and local governments may ban cannabis facilities with a two-thirds vote from the residents.

If both of the amendments pass, the one with the most votes will be the one that becomes law. If Proposition C also passes, the state will implement protocols which it has set aside for such cases.


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