5 Tips For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

1. Branding
You need a logo that complies with your state’s laws. In California, you can’t have a weed leaf in your logo. Make sure your branding doesn’t appeal to children! Just like
Joe Camel got the cut, your company can’t have a cartoon mascot.

2. Solidify your voice
This goes along with branding but it’s important that your company has a consistent voice on and offline. I worked at Red Bull for a number of years and our social media accounts were geared towards a masculine voice. If you have multiple people managing your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook this is especially important. People should read your posts and have a clear understanding of your brand personality through the prose that you use.

3. Legitimize your business.
Cover yourself before it becomes a problem- apply for an Employer Identification Number, register for taxes, and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits.

4. Network
Go to cannabis events and bring business cards, interact with people on social media to let them know you are real. Integrate yourself in the community. The cannabis community is rooted in a lot more than just money; there are many people involved for healing and the love of educating. Stand by the goodness of the industry. Build relationships with other entrepreneurs. Network up, horizontally, and down! Meaning, work with people who are more successful than you, on the same plane as you, and are “behind” you.

5. Take care of yourself
With it being said that the cannabis community/industry revolves greatly around healing and educating, make sure you are treating yourself properly. Take breaks, eat as best as you can, and medicate/smoke/vape/dab/take CBD/eat an edible! Being a business owner is stressful and by now we all know that weed is the answer.