Tony Hawk Releasing CBD Balm In Collaboration With 1933 Industries

Canadian cannabis company 1933 Industries has revealed that they will be releasing a new cannabidiol (CBD) balm in collaboration with professional skateboarder Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards company.

Birdhouse CBD Balm by Canna Hemp X, which is targeted toward the action sports market, will be available for sale in skate shops, specialty retailers, dispensaries, and wellness shops on November 4, 2019.

“The Birdhouse CBD Balm is our first collaboration with the team at Canna Hemp X and was created with skateboarders and athletes of all levels in mind,” says Hawk. “Sports like skateboarding require the highest quality recovery products to sustain longevity. We also hope to create awareness of the potential of CBD and in making natural products more accessible nationwide.”

1933 Industries CEO Chris Rebentisch says that the surface has only been scratched when it comes to the many applications associated with the cannabis plant and that the anecdotal benefits keep mounting.

Rebentisch says that the company is pleased to be part of a national conversation about CBD’s potential and that they are constantly improving their formulations, having worked closely with the Birdhouse team for several months to develop a next-generation CBD topical product that would have appeal in the sports world.

According to the company, their distribution channels will be augmented by a new partnership with Eastern Skate Supply, a leading skateboarding wholesaler in the United States, to deliver products to skate shops.