Utah State Senator Tries Cannabis Ahead Of Upcoming Vote

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

A Utah state senator took a personal trip to Las Vegas over the weekend where he visited a local cannabis dispensary to do some research ahead of the November election.

Next month, Utah voters will decide on Prop 2, a ballot initiative to legalize medicinal cannabis. But after the vote, state legislators will be holding a special session, regardless of the outcome.

Jim Dabakis [D] is not seeking re-election next month, but he thought that at least one senator should try cannabis before deciding on the laws that regulate it.

The senator posted a video to his Facebook page on Saturday standing in the parking lot of the NuLeaf marijuana dispensary on East Twain Avenue with a black plastic bag containing a package of edibles he had just purchased inside.

After struggling a bit with the packaging, Dabakis finally managed to open it. He sniffed the contents and retrieved a single gummy candy from within which he pulled into two halves, stating that the employee inside had instructed him to start with only half of one since he had never tried cannabis before.

“In an hour and a half when this thing kicks in, I’ll let you know what happens,” said the senator. “`Cause, we’re looking at major changes in Utah laws, at least one legislator ought to see what this thing is all about.”

On October 22, Dabakis posted another live video to Facebook to give an update on how things went after eating the gummy candy.

“I wouldn’t suggest shooting up marijuana to anybody,” joked Dabakis. “But I’ll tell you; I think it’s a lot of ho-hum. I think the reefer madness crowd…guys, you need to try it. It’s not that big-a-deal.”

Dabakis said that while he did feel a little high, it didn’t change his life and that people need to mellow out. He said that he was fine after having consumed cannabis and encouraged people to vote for Prop 2.