Vermont To Use Blockchain Tracking Technology In 2020 Hemp Season

Hemp production in Vermont will utilize blockchain tracking technology for the 2020 season.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) on Monday announced the finalization of a strategic contract with the Vermont based soil-to-shelf hemp tracking company, Trace, to use its blockchain-based platform.

Trace’s blockchain system will allow VAAFM to assist the state’s hemp growers and processors with the hemp marketplace’s rapid growth and provide secure tracking of registration, licensing, and enforcement.

VAAFM Director of Public Health and Agriculture Resource Management says that the Agency is looking forward to the new partnership with Trace and the added consumer protection, transparency, and quality control that it will bring to Vermont’s growing hemp industry.

VAAFM issued 461 hemp grower licenses in 2018, and 986 in 2019, prompting the Agency to turn to new, innovative ideas.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the State of Vermont in this endeavor,” says Trace CEO Josh Decatur. “Our company was born in Vermont so we’ve been able to see firsthand the value Trace can bring to Vermonters growing, cultivating, testing and selling hemp.”

The Trace platform will serve as the active administrative management system for Vermont’s hemp program, allowing hemp growers, processors, and certified laboratories to register online,

VAAFM will be able to track the status of Vermont hemp crops and ensure that the quality of hemp is maintained through monitoring and enforcement.

The implementation of Trace’s platform will make Vermont the first state in the nation to have a fully-integrated tracking and registration system for its hemp program.

Trace’s tracking system will be employed for the 2020 Hemp Program Registration season.